Yun Divekick Chart (It's safer than you think!)



Similar to my old Cammy charts, I decided to do one for Yun too. To my surprise, he gets the same frame advantage as Cammy does on hit while having the benefit of being a lot easier to aim and harder to focus crumple, but he is a little less safe on block.

There are exactly 12 possible points you can hit on a standing Ken-sized enemy. The best you can do is a +11 on hit, and the worst is a 0 on hit, if you hit the very top of the head.

Numbers mean + on hit / + on block:

The first 8 points shown are entirely unpunishable (first 6 points for grapplers) and allow for combos on hit. The 9th point is the lowest possible divekick (LK and MK only) and is unsafe (-3 on block) but still lets you combo on hit (+3). Beyond that, the last 3 points are unsafe on block and don’t allow for combos on hit.

All divekicks are safe on hit.

Hitting at the waist level and below gives frame advantage, and as long as you aim at the waist or a bit below you should have enough leeway to not be punished in case they walk forward and block.

Also, this chart doubles for Yang too - just add +1 to the first number and +3 to the second number (Yang’s divekicks are almost always unpunishable on block).

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good shit. i know the chart doubles, but if you make a yang one, i’ll paypal you a cookie


I’ll take that cookie.

Yang in AE:

Yang in 2012 :frowning:




this is awesome but Sometimes i feel that yun is still getting punished even on block at waist level and yangs divekick is even worse :frowning:


wait what I thought that yang has the worse divekicks wasnt it nerfed by liek 4 frames


it’s only easier to punish if it whiffs (both characters)

also, i think Yun’s HK dive kick has 1f less of hit/block stun to compensate for the speed. it certainly feels like it sometimes anyway.


The chart is all HK dives, they all have the same hitstun/blockstun. Though the lowest HK dive is only +2/-4 because it doesn’t reach as low to the ground before hitting them.

At the waist level you’re around 0 on block, so if they try to throw and you jab, you get tossed. But you can definitely block just fine, you’d have to hit around the top of the chest before you start eating guaranteed reversal srk and throws.


nah. they just added 2 landing frames to yangs, but its still better on hit/block. yuns are faster tho

just to be sure. yun got 2 frames of recovery added to his DK, but was also given +2 frames of hit/block stun to compensate

according to the patch notes, yang only recieved the recovery frames, and was not given any adjustment to his hit/block stun data.

your adjustment numbers take this into account?


Well damn I was thinking about messing with the twins since i just got back into AE I can be less scared now “dive the leg


ROFLMAO! dayum, thanks for the post Teyah!


Had no idea Yang’s dive kick was so good.

Edit: Alright, guess I wasn’t crazy.


Woah, I could have sworn that I read that Yang didn’t get the extra recovery. But I just checked in-game and you’re right and he did.

So I redid the chart above. Poor Yang :frowning:

Yang: 16 hitstun, 12 blockstun, 6 recovery: +10/+6 at best
Yun: 17 hitstun, 11 blockstun, 6 recovery: +11/+5 at best

SSF4 AE 2012 Tier List Thread (OP last updated May 2014)

ok thanks. this is all very helpful as a new yang player


Whenever I use divekick and hit anywhere from the chest up against grapplers(Gief specifically) I always get SPD’d and theres nothing I can do, I’ve tried back dashing and dping and it doesnt work.


Yes, don’t aim for the chest up against grapplers. Only go for the top row of divekicks, or to be safest, just aim for the knees. If you watch Kazunoko’s matches against Giefs, he only ever does toe to thigh height divekicks and attacks right away after landing.


This is really helpful, does anyone Know how many frames of recovery there are on a whiffed divekick, its 6 right? As opposed to
4 in ae? Also how much recovery does rufus and cammy have on their dive kicks?


iirc almost all jumping attacks have a recovery period of four frames which can be divided into two parts: two where you cannot do anything, and two where you can block and tech. Cammy, Rufus, and Seth have the four frame rule while Yun and Yang have been changed to six (four frames where you cannot do anything and two where you can block and tech? I guess!) I’m guessing the main reason they did this was to make DPs more reliable against them in general (especially 3f/4f ones.)


Yeah makes sence, whiffing dive kicks for positioning used to be a lot easier now :frowning: plus its a lot easier to focus crumple it now cause of the landing frames, because the +2 blockstun doesnt mean anything when someone Focus attacks.


Cammy has 5F landing recovery on her divekick (4F for EX). Not sure about Rufus or others though.

The dives on the top row of the chart (+6 to +11 on hit) are 100% safe against standard focus attacks that have a startup of 12F. To see if you’re safe against a FA, start with the speed of the FA (fastest ones are 11F), subtract 6 for recovery of the divekick, and then subtract 1 for each divekick box starting from the top left of the chart. Once you hit zero, that’s the last divekick that will be safe against focus - the next one will be able to be crumpled.