Yun experts help!



Hey guys
I have recently started using yun and i got a few questions that i know there are a lot of yun experts on here, the stickys really helped me a lot, thanks for the contributions. Anyway I still have some unanswered question, i know you yun pros can help me out :slight_smile:

  1. Is there another way to kara for yun beside lp that’s further?
    i use lp kara lp kara lunge punch for my last hit of ender, and i only get it once in a while damn. maybe like 20 percent of the time. any tips?

  2. I am in GJ but didn’t connect with 123, so the enemy is blocking low at midscreen and finally i catch him off guard doing the standing mp, cr lk and keep doing that and finally catches him with a lp, what can i do after?

  3. Also for the dive kick, is there a rule when u should? cuz i always get grabbed and can’t do my 123 :frowning:

  4. What is ur favorite last move to connect the ender and which ender do you use? I see a lot of people use standing hp to a lunge punch for ender but shouldn’t we avoid the lunge punch cuz it reduces damage?
    mine is mk, mp shoulder, f+hp + lp kara lp lunge punch btw :slight_smile:

  5. If the 2nd last move in GJ was a palm and i still got lil bar left for one more move, what should i do because the palm makes the person fly so high and what ender should i use?

  6. is there a need for kara palm after the 2nd set of 2 forwad mk in GJ? cuz i get it after the first set of f+mk x2, palm, f+mkx2 but can’t get the 3rd palm

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate this.


K, lets see, off the top of my head…

1- Use Lk to kara

2- get used to walk up a little after the 2 this, if you see it hit, when you walk up (you’ll have enought time to continue the combo), go for cr lk and from there, either go to st fierce shoulder, juggle accordingly to forward fierce and then juggle accrodingly
depends on how far you’re from the screen

3- you have to hit the dive kick really really deep, anything higher than the opponents knee, doesnt guarantee a blocked chain, on and btw, if you’re getting grabbed after you land, you should realize you can actually tech that throw :rofl:

4- Thats really really character specific, go to the genei jin thread for that, the unge is used for some endings like for Yun yang etc, while other stuff is for others

5- again, genei jin thread, that could be tons of things, from dp+ roundhouse, to st fierce, to lunge etc etc etc

6- its easier if you just neggative edge the palms


thanks a lot jd, really appreciate it
one more thing, i dont know why, i am doing the kara lp lunge punch at the ender right, how come it hits sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t?
any tips?


If you mean that sometimes it hits and sometimes it doesnt against the sama character, that means that the kara is required and its not coming out…

On the other hand, if it does hit and sometimes it doesnt against different chars, that because that ender is character specific…


thanks so much J.D
i guess im just doing the kara wrong too, but i swear i do the same everytime lol ill work on it
appreciate it
thanks post starter for this thread! i have the same questions haha