Yun Geneijin Glitch in Online Edition?


I’ve been told on numerous occasions there is a glitch in Online Edition regarding Genijin not scaling after Zenpou. I tested it on xbox and it seemed to be normal (compared to ps2).

Maybe it’s online only?  Ps3 only?  Ps2 is also glitched?  Only vs some characters or stages?  Myth?

Anyone have any idea about this?  I’m very curious to know.


I heard about this too… I think it’s probably just some folks not blocking after a failed Zenpou combo… Or at least that’s my theory.


I’ve never seen anything like this and I’ve done GJ zenpou alooooooooooooot of times.

So unless there’s a viable video source it’s probably a myth.


Maybe the moral of the story is that…

The Zenpou starts within…




I don’t know exactly what % it scales but apparently it’s not a myth!

Exodus tested it earlier today. Emulated cps3 vs ps3 OE. I’m curious if it’s different with the xbox360 OE but probably the same as the ps3 OE.

He did a genei Jin combo starting with Zenpo, then killed the character off using the same move. 123 TC 10 times for OE and 12 times for cps3.

it’s funny that no one picked up on this when ps2 was the port everyone was using.


Whats TC


Wow that’s crazy!!

I want to see further results!


123 (Jab Short Strong) Target Combo, chain combo. Probably.


I am now using this as my excuse for why I ever lost to Yun online

Anyway, cool find!


Duh target combo


Maybe this is something that can be sent to IG, since 3soe patch still isn’t out
I hope someone can put up a video :slight_smile:


exo, record and upload your test! =D


Nah, patch is finished and was sent to capcom. They’re just waiting for them to test it and send it in (something like that)


We just took too long looking at it and not enough time playing it to make sure it’s right.



Well… perhaps Capcom will test it and find out it’s not ready yet - and in that case, they could try and change it.
I know it’s a longshot, but this is a fix I’d really like to see, so I try to be optimistic ):


That’s not even a longshot, man. You’re praying for a miracle.


We have lots more time to test it to give them more info if they don’t want to test the patch until after SF4UltraCombofiend version over there, as is the current timeline.


So, is their a probability of it happening or does ithappen every time?
It is pretty game changing… But if youre getting tagged with zenppo kudos to your opponent.
But wait, does this affect the scaling on Yun’s other super arts? I assume it would.


because you are never grabbed by zenpou while yun is in gj
ok champ.


I was gonna say. No reason to give kudos for zenpou when I’m probably giving it up for free most times. Taking the zenpou is a successful outcome I think.