Yun(GJ) vs. Dudley(corkscrew)

Me vs. Jjuice, grand finals, 3/5 then 3/5
first time i ever fought a compitent dudley
watch and talk… i think nestor uses Yun too., so watch him 2!

…apparently parrying dudley’s jump ins is a bad idea…

I’m guessing you’re C Beast…?

Not bad man, nice Yun. But haha did you try a ground GJ @ like 3:50? I’m pretty sure the lunge punch doesn’t connect right against crouching Dudley. I’ll check Nestors matches later.


alot of missed oppurtunies especially the dudley for not doing the corner juggles

and what was up with the random ass roses

a couple more Dudley vs. Yun matches. these are casual and were taped a few months ago, and they were our first attempts at recording matches so do bear with the crappy angle and stuff.

i used Rocket Uppercut back then but now use Corkscrew more often. Gumby is our only Yun here :lol:.


Im just going to assume every dudley is random from now.

ya, for a mintue, i thought he wasn’t…then i was like, ummm, ya he is.

nerves played a big role in that match for me, it took me 3-4 matches to get warmed up to playing dudley, then i was fine and started executing better…plus the TGA button layout is different than my T5 stick, so i had to adapt to that again.
the things i wish i could’ve done better was mainly, s.fwdXXGJ, there’s on time in the match that i missed and got a jumping feirce…if i had got it, dudley would’ve stayed on the ground more i bet.:tup:
basically, after that tourney experience, I have started running away a lot more. I try to discipline myself to run and only attack with GJ, instead of attacking with half a bar., i think that will be more effective.
and i also am starting to use d.short, s.strong and d.strong in my block strings…I saw Issei doing generally the same thing vs. KSK and some other guy(i think it was a 2-2 from Gvision that i have), and it was totally safe and effective, plus it charges your bar wicked fast and keeps the avid parrier at bay.

nice vids kal el. you pounded on gumby…your dudley is effective, but, not random enough. more randomness!:tup: …like, jump in DPxxsuper!!!:clap:

props to Jjuice, he’s nasty in all the games, go watch him play GGXX#R if you’re interested. he doesn’t really play 3s avidly, he just plays dudley whenever we get together on saturdays and thursdays. I think he was doin random roses cause he was playin #R and Rumble Fish all night, lol, “where’s my projectile???” turtle dudley is mad effective, he just does what wins…we were both just tryin to win, but my knowledge was better, and once comfortable, I owned the second set.
out of all of us, PJC has played the most 3s, but it won’t show cause he uses Denjin-Ryu, and everyone kind of knows what’s coming, so there aren’t a lot of big surprises. But he wins a lot. infact he almost put me into the losers: He had me beat, got me with 20% life left and dizzy. fucked up his dash and got a super jump, then I mashed out of denjin and won the next 2 after that. he lost his momentum after that loss and didn’t get past anybody.
he generally rushes down, except against my Yun. vs. me he’ll whore the strongs, and wait more, then dizzy me and win the match.

the TGA 3s scene is me(CB), PJC(ryu akuma), Jjuice(dudley), Nestor(whenever he feels like playing…aka Sage, urien yun ken), Andy(Q player…owner of tga), Ed(aka Mukai aka king of hate aka hugo is a beast), s1lence(oro, makoto aka will), Gavin(aka Echoes of Pain, urien/remy)… and then it’s random kens and chun-lis…that means you smoothcat:tdown: lol.

actually, Nestor uses Yun in the first RanBat vs. PJC Ken…mad bootsy Ken, don’t expect 5star quality or whatever.
and then again in the 3rd ranbat, vs. PJC Hugo

Perfect thread for my question.

After a blocked Corkscrew blow? Is Dudley safe? I see you did a lunge after it, is that actually a punish or did he just not block?

If not, what is there to do after a blocked cockscrew blow?

no hes not safe but the thing is theres 3 versions of corkscrew blow the higher the button the further he moves so it depends on how close he is what you can do i’d personally just go with lunge to be safe

dudley > yun. that dudley was garbage though.

I agree with epsilon, after careful thought, i believe dudley is the yun killer.

on the corkscrew question, if the corkscrew is blocked deep, you can hit him with the chain, or d.fwdXXlunge.

anybody watch the hugovsyun match? i think nestor demonstrated the simplest way to win,…and he would’ve if he didn’t get a random activation at the end of round 2.