Yun glitch

So last nite at the arcade i was playing my scrubby yun for fun.

I finish a guy with the jab>short>strong>shoulder>genai jin activation, but the point where i KO’d the opponent was the shoulder, The genai jin then activated in slowmotion like it does when you super after a KO and my meter remained

in the next round my meter was maxed…BUT I still continued to gain bar, almost as if i could stock two genai jins (kinda looked a bit glitched out too)

i diddnt get a chance to try to activate again and i diddnt really notice the glitch untill near the end of the match.

this was at the arcade on a japanese version…not sure which one…unblockables work in it though. for anyone who may try to recreate the glitch

Like the same thing can happen with dudley too.

I was there!!

It might have just been a glitch in that particular game, complexz… cause I’ve noticed that the Dudley stage sometimes glitches out… the horse feet go all crazy like.

it’s called the matrix almost anyone can do it you just have to be quick on input =p match is already over thats why you didn’t loose meter =D

Watch some JR rodriguez vids. He does this all the time.

i know about the meter that wasint the glitch

the glitch part was my meter was full in the next match…and was filling AGAIN

so my bar was at 150% basically\

my fault for not beign clear but yeah…not losing the bar totally isint the issue

its not losing the bar THEN gaining MORE bar

gaining more meter wtf yeah ive seen/done the matrix glitch as well u can even do it with ex attacks…

however the bar being 150% full hmm wtf thats really messed up ive never seen that before out all the games ive played in the last 5 years haha ive never seen that in 3s…
maybe that jap version of 3s is one of the first released?? most likely the best answer and still some glitches.

ask the owner of the arcade mike the guy with the long hair when he got that machine if he says like 5 years ago or whatever then yeah thats probably the answer and not re-createable in the ps2 version etc.

well in that case ignore my last statment and insert this:



that kinda sick sounding can makoto do it? rofl.

Truth. Fireball xx Super.

Yeah it definately wasn’t the matrix glitch… it was some wierd shit.

Must be one of those random arcade only things. 3S isn’t Marvel but it has its funny stuff every once in a while.

I got a weird glitch playing a Makoto vs. Ken Match. Makoto got KO’ed and she started falling back in the air, when she just stopped. She was frozen in the air, just like… levitating. Ken couldnt move. Then, makoto rotates 90 so here head is pointed directly at the ground. Ken is still frozen. Makoto falls in slow motion and hits the ground. Then, she teleports and shows up mid screen again. Ken is STILL Frozen. Then Makoto disappears, and we’re all watching Ken standing there by himself, unable to move. Then the screen goes black and the Grade screen shows up. Took about 1 minute altogether and ive never seen it since. Anyon else seen it?

lol yeah that happened over here too… quite the sight…
It happened when a ken KOed makoto with a neutral throw (multiple knees) in the right corner if you guys want to bother trying to recreate it…
I prefer the 12 rising to heaven glitch…

yea the ken makato one is easy but what is the 12 rising to heaven glitch? I’ve never heard of that

Their is one with ken when you kill gill with shiryuken the bar starts building again for no reason.


around 25:25
not sure if its possible without system direction… but it was nice seeing 12 going to heaven… although he didnt seem like wanted to go… or was he scared… :rofl: RIP

Yeah this is a glitch. Nothing game breaking or anything. When you kill hiim with the shoulder and you cancel it into Genei Jin, you start next round with full meter (this can be done with anyone who cancels a special into a super and the meter actually isnt used). The unique thing about Yun doing it is that he will charge for more meter and the meter will actually be Orange (like when he’s in Genei JIn and the meter is running out) until it reaches the amount that’s enough for an EX (and then it’ll turn into normal meter). And i think the bar will say 0/1 at the beginning of the round even though it’s full.

It looks really cool.


yun is a glitch

:rock: Word:rock:

chun is a glitch!