Yun Hitbox



Calgary Thread 2011

Good shit Yannick.


Great stuff, thanks.




Wow, good looking out. <3

I’ve been very curious to know his hitbox on his neutral moves.


nice alioune


i don’t know what the purple hit boxes mean…


This is great ,thanks so much. Anybody knows where I can buy this guide from the US?


good stuff


It’s from the latest arcadia magazine.

Throw. It’s meant to be blue.


I love you for this man…


There are purple hitboxes on Yang’s upkicks (and a few jumping normals), which I think is what he’s referring to. Those mean projectile invincible, but can still be hit by normal attacks.


Oh Arcadia, I used to buy it when I was in JP,great mag. Any online retailers on the west have it?


so neutral jump jab and fp are projectile invincible with yang? that seems to make no sense but i wouldnt be surprised honestly.


I wouldn’t be surprised if it was like Balrog’s j.hp and his legs were projectile invic.


Yeah, Balrog’s is a good example. There’s quite a few other jumping normals in the game that have the lower portion of the character’s model being projectile invincible.