Yun Juggles?

Last night I started using Yun and I was wondering if anyone knows the possibilities of juggling with him? I can’t seem to figure it out. I mean, are his juggles extremely limited? his mk and his seem like launchers since they knock the opponent straight up but I can’t land any hits after that. The only two moves that are juggle-able that I’ve figured out so far are his dp+mp/hp and you-hou and you can only do one hit after each. Are they multiple juggles? Just wondering…

Thats the same thing everyone else thaught when first playing yun but the truth is that the juggles are there but just wierd to try and figure out. You said that you did ( and no is not a launcher) but the trick to getting good juggels off of that move is to super jump cancle. The best combo to do with is, sj**(Super Jump)straight up**, then do light dive kick but missing the char. completely, then hit to relaunch the char.,then sj.lp,hp. You don’t have to relaunch because after launching the char. and then going up and whiffing the dive kick you can do any move that is fast enough to connect(except for the shoulder).

But I’m pretty sure you can figure something out in training mode.

Good Luck! :tup:

I mean his close hk by That one he does that jumping 2-hit kick thing and they go straight up pretty much like his mk…

Thanks for the help though…

Thats what I meant and matter of fact neither his close RH nor Far RH can Juggle, so stop trying that. :tup:

I found out that even thought he is pretty week he take some mean damage in this certain combo. Do s.sp,, then do the is 2 qcb.hp then wait just a lillbit then do light sholder hit, then jump and u can either do HK or sp,hp and it takes mean damge. Or start the combo off with the same beging and is stead of doing the qcb.hp u can do the special that sends out yang witch still does very good damage.

If you really want to play as Yun, you have to learn his double launcher combos.

Here are some.

*^=Super Jump Cancel Straight Up
*>=Super Jump Cancel Toward

Jt.Frc, C.Frc(or S.Jab, S.Sht, S.Stg)xxYouhou, Jab.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Launcher, *>, Jab-Frc

Jt.Frc, C.Frc(or S.Jab, S.Sht, S.Stg)xxLvl2.Sourengekixx(4th hit)Jab.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Launcher, *>, Jab-Frc

Stg.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Lvl2.Sourengekixx(1st Hit)Stg.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Launcher, *>, Jab-Frc

S.Jab, S.Sht, S.StgxxLvl2.Raishin MahakkenxxStg.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Launcher, *>, Jab-Frc

Stg.Shoulder, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), YouHou, Jab.Stg, Launcher, *^, Sht.Dive Kick(Whiff), Launcher, *>, Jab-Frc

Note, Its good to only play Yun in CAP grooves