Yun Kara Command Grab (Same range as the Ex Version)




This is pretty sick. I wonder what sort of range the EX command grab has if you kara it like this.



That range is friggin unreal. Great find man. I’m still trying to get this technique down 100% but I’m not quite there yet.

I’d love to see some high level Yuns adopt this and incorporate it into their gameplay. Now if only command grab had better startup :confused:


What if I told you there was a way to Kara Yun normal command grab that it has more reach than the non kara EX version. :stuck_out_tongue:


do tell…


using the maximum input delay window in this game makes my gouken slide kara fb across the screen in like 6 times


Enjoy. At least you can grab Ryu from crMK range lol!


So there’s gotta be a super, duper easy input to do this, right?


just change the dp into hcb for a double hcb


Doesn’t work for me.


unfortunately there isn’t a shortcut, the best you can get is 623214 which F,D,D/F,D,D/B,B the PP~K


Couldn’t you just do 23214 PP~K since 232 is an SRK shortcut?


Yeah that works too


Sometimes, I get ex palm instead of ex shoulder when doing only PP instead of PP~K. Technically, hcb motion after dp motion also include a qcb for (ex) palm. It seems very annoying since it will potentially cause whiffed command grab without kara. I’m often having this problem when I’m on the left side. Could anyone explain about this and give some reliable solution?


the reason you are getting a palm is because of the HCF starting from forward, start from down/forward


Just wanted to chime in here. Kaiser made a post in the video thread, gonna go over the highlights:

Basically, he said that the longest range is with lp shoulder to command grab. EX shoulder to grab is the same so it’s pointless to use that.

And he found a shortcut, it’s 316 lp~lk/kkk


I messed around with it a bit and i could only hit it 1/5th of the time eventhough i properly plinked the lp~lk and hit all the required directions, the thing is i didn’t. The full motion is actually 3146 lp~lk. The 4 would be hit most of the time anyway when performing the 316 motion but in the instances the 4 is not hit, you won’t get his tenshin. A smooth hcb,f lp~lk. Great job to ugo_2u and Kaiser, this is really cool stuff.


yes 3146 is the correct motion. i been doing 316 without having inputs on. sorry about that.


I made a vid of all the different version of kara grab to show the range they each has.