Yun Mad Catz plate art

Hi, just would like to share a Yun plate art for Mad Catz TE fight stick.
Original size at:

That’s pretty tight.

CStatic: Thanks^^

Meh. Needs more “Snap the Condom on”

Seriously now: I think it’s pretty friggin cool actually. I’d say my favorite is how each button shows his Far inputs. A bit too much stuff going on, but I still think it’s pretty cool.

Thanks Densuo^^

That skateboard has no nose or tail Kappa

wow! very legit :]
may i use this for future sticks?

That’s the epytome of “put everything I can on my stick art”.

[]Street Fighter 15th Anniversary logo?
]Tougeki logo?
[]Evo logo?
]Capcom logo?
[]Street Fighter 4 logo?
]Street Fighter 4 tiny logo?
[]Roman Numerical 4 from the SF4 logo with a Hat on it?
]Two skateboards?
[]Two yun icons?
]Another two yun images?
[*]A single page from the command list?
I’m a Graphic Designer, but I can guarantee you that you don’t need a Master’s Degree to notice how cluttered the art is.

And what bothers me the most is definitely not your stick art. I’d just come by and say: “Good ideas, but reduce the amount of elements on it. Make it a bit cleaner.”

What bothers me is how everyone in srk loves this sort of over-the-top “messing with photoshop” stuff.
Reminds me of trailer park families and their love for everything that transmits the idea of wealth. Or hoarders.
Xzibit would be proud.

Even Xzibit would be like:

“Yo dawg, there’s way too much stuff in your stuff, so take out some of the stuff so i can actually see the stuff that should be there.”

You have way too much fucking elements overlaying each other. I count TEN yun pictures. TWO skateboards. SEVEN logos. And a flag.

Cluttered but I like how the buttons show the moves :).