Yun match up advantages and disadvantages

k so i know my match ups fairly well like yea i know so and so beats so and so but alot of the time i don’t really know why so post up what you think yuns advantages and disadvantages against each character is i’ll update this post every so often so we don’t get a why such and such beats such and such question every month like why people can’t do command grab mk dash palm when they’re not doing it on blah blah blah

Yun’s advantage: Genei Jin.
Yun’s disadvantage: Not having Genei Jin.

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I’ll take a stab at this…

My list - from hardest to easiest (listing chars I have experience against):

Ryu1/Yang2 (ex happy chars)

Ken is definitely the hardest match. Yun has to run the fuck away when he doesn’t have bar. Although it is hard, it is possible to outpoke Ken from a distance with or f.hp.

Ken’s key pokes are,,,, and the occasional far Yun’s and f.hp will beat most of these out when used in a skillful manner.

The hardest part about playing an experienced Ken player is not letting him gain momentum. Meaning for the most part, don’t get hit down.

On a side note -

One of the biggest mistakes that people make with Yun is abusing the seemingly good Yes it is a good normal, but it is easily parried when abused. It is great at max range, but not when really close to the opponent. This note is not to be confused with hitting the opponent back with>>qcf.lp. That by all means is a great combo that can lead into dash>sa3 or a command grab setup.

I’m still learning about his matchups. I’m from an area that Chun isn’t really abused much. We have about 3-4 Chun players. Can anyone post about that matchup? Pyro? BillyKane?

i’ll try to throw in some chun knowledge

disadvantages: c.rh beats divekick,back fierce, beat divekicks,st.fierce beats it as well but thats pretty slow and not reliable,cr.jab beats out alot of shit even in genei jin

advantages:most chuns don’t know that c.rh beats divekick,chun has no really good anti airs making attacking from the air (divekick,air chain,j.rh,combo whatever) alot safer then say against ken,besides super she has nothing really to punish with if she doesn’t have bar

i couldn’t really think of alot of other stuff someone else can add on to it

chun’s game is all about poke and kara throw, and super if they have bar

c.jab, or c.jab x 2, every chun uses it after that first c.jab down parry that shit and punish with,lunge because it’ll stuff the super for the people who can’t hit confirm

a realistic chun who knows this match up knows that his best hope against alot of jump in shit is to trade hits in his favor

the hardest part against good chun is they’re masters of zoning and a chun who knows how to play against yun knows how to keep you from divekicking in and really i can’t tell you how to get in besides jump in parry c.rh

thats all i can think of at the time i’ll add more up as it comes to me

come on i know someone has alot more chun advice then me all i know is just the bare bones shit


1.dont get hit by while she has bar=P
2.your is good and build bar and then activate
4.rape =)

Don’t get too dive kick happy against Chun. Especially cross-up dive kick shenanigans when she’s not knocked down. It looks like she can’t do shit against up close dive kicks, but she can with jump straight up roundhouse, close s.roundhouse (the sj-cancellable one), air-throw, and the usual fierces. Worst case scenario: she does close s.roundhouse, and she can mix it up with cross-under games which are obviously not in your favor.

Oh, and a Chun-Li that doesn’t let Yun get in close (with Genei Jin activated or not) is a hella hard fight for Yun. In the case you do manage to knock Chun down and activate Genei Jin, don’t forget she still has some wakeup options like EX Spinning Bird Kick or EX Lightning Legs. I myself am not too sure if Yun can beat those attacks out with Genei Jin shit like how he can beat out Ken’s EX Shoryuken, so I’ll leave it to someone else.

And Chun tick c.short, b+fiercexxDeath or c.short, kara-throw is gay.

meaty beats ex spinning bird kick on her wake up

i do a lot of short dive kicks from out side her s.fp range. It keeps her guessing and beats a random s.fp. Momentum stays with you. I just pretend like i have to attack her, then suddenly i have a meter, then suddenly she gets grabbed later, then suddenly she’s dead.

More vs. Chun please…the Karathrowing mixup is such a PAIN IN THE ASS TO STOP.

yes very true the only dive kick to use against Chun is pretty much Lk if the Chun knows how to punish Dive kicks…

Chuns give me more of a problem than Kens actually…the Karathrow IMO really makes things tough.

i have a noob question that i couldn’t find: when facing chars w/ into super (chun/ken) is it possible to parry the right after landing from a parried dive kick?

depends on if they parry late or early…if they parry at belt hieght or below, i would say try…vs.noobs just block, cause they always try something.

Need all the advice and help I can get for against Hugo.

This Hugo I play parries alot, cause he always goes for a 360 afterwards. I learn not to do alot of dive kicks that hit, and trying to land right in front of him, but he still 360 me instantly. And his jumping body splash beats alot of my moves, and once I get cornered it gets ugly.

What else can I do other than charging up and go in with GJ? Oh and he red parries the 2nd hit of the air chain too.

does he jump a lot from far with roundhouse?..most do, and to beat that you wanna use d.RH. hit his foot with your foot…don’t do it if he’s anywhere near over top of you, i usually have to back up before i press it.

hugo is so tall that divekicking isn’t to your advantage, plus he jumps a lot. instead mix up j.RH and early j. jab—>j. feirce chain. they totally kill his jump and parry option.
jab feirce chains are anti-parry. what i mean is, you can delay the feirce after the jab.

so you can jump in with an early jab, he’ll parry it right, but he won’t know what to parry next. even if he blocks, you’ll be in command throw range. the secret to beating the jab feirce chain with hugo, is to parry the jab, then reversal timing dp+K, iuse short. when you train him to do that, then your next jump in should be a late roundhouse, or just running away.

if he’s jumping at you he’ll get hit.

most hugos take a while to start poking on the ground though, from what I’ve seen, against yun. mainly because they fear the divekick and jump ins. plus hugo is better off in the air anyway, you’ll probably go 50/50 in the beginning, him hitting you with jumping feirce and maybe roundhouse, wou hitting him with jumping jab feirce(don’t forget to delay the timing). so he’ll have more health and probably feels confident in the air, so trick him.

If you’re still worried about him mixing you up with 360 and dp+K and hammer frenzy, then just do super jump back feirce when you land, you won’t get hurt unless he does hammer frenzy, but it juggles and don’t really hurt.

use stand forward all day to zone. when he blocks it, walk forward and wait for him to jump and do s.forwardxxGJ on him, or if you know he’ll stay grounded, just do whatever won’t get you hurt.

i usually have an easier time with hugo when i don’t randomly activate. i usually bait the jump. now you might ask, what if he parries standing forward? this won’t get you hurt. If you get the out early enough and cancel to GJ quickly enough, then you can parry his jump attack even if it’s a short…otherwise you must super jump cancel back and hope he doesn’t have you cornered, other wise you lose.
never randimly activate after a dash back, and then go right into the lunge punch. guaranteed 360 for him…don’t use shoulders either because most hugos parry quite well. instead you gotta jump-in or walk up forward and f.feirce. so just bate your way in from dash back range. like, wiff a jab shoulder or jump forward and divekick, then jump forward with early jab feirce. then when you land either command throw or hit him(NOTE** during GJ, hugo can’t reverse your chain after parry cause feirce comes out to quickly).

and don’t forget to use d.strongXX EX-up kicks, if he jump attacks early
Generally, if you can scare him out of the air, you can win.
best weapons:
1 J. jab, feirce. 2 J.RH
3 stand forward.

Hey man thanks alot for those tips, I never thought of delaying the Fierce in the 2 hit air chain, I’ll give that a try, and also not to random activate like before.

Alright, I understand what Yun can and can’t do in most situations, but when it comes to fighting characters I do not recognize or know what to do against it will be Elena. I was wondering if anyone can tell me the do and the don’t against Elena.

Dive kick beats those.

i don’t know much about the elena fight but dont’ do multiple divekicks cause a smart elena player will just do b.rh and beat out your jump on the way up

He knows how to beat out divekicks well, and does have decent accurac when it comes to her ex combos. My mistake is that I am catching onto is how reptitous I can be during a match, I have no problems fighting characters such as Ken or even Chun but two characters that I tend to just flawlessly srew up when fighting is Dudley and Elena my reaction just isn’t fast enough yet to read the dash in manevour into throw with Dudley and with Elena trying to rush in seems to be my big problem. I just do not know what to do in a situation against them especially when the Elena is playing smart.