Yun Match-up Thread

Lets start discussing matchups when enough knowledge and information becomes available. I’ll try and keep this up to date as much as possible



reserved 2

Wanna talk 3S? Hehehehehe :slight_smile:

When i get my hands on it (most likely tommorow, we’ll see) i try my hand at yun

Daigo’s Yun supposedly already has 10k BP in arcades according to Tokido’s blog.

I think this forum will be very very interesting to hang out in with The Beast contributing.

Don’t you get more BP for winning on an arcade though? Like 300 a match?

yun #1

I think it’s around proportionately the same. If Daigo won like 200 something games and is sitting at like 10k BP, that’s still just an estimate of up to 50 points won per match at most.

except Daigo doesnt speak a word of engrish and the japanese have their own version of

The arcade BP system is probably different to the Ranked Mode system we have online though.

Except you don’t need to know “engrish” to have your videos uploaded to youtube, that’s a good contribution in itself.

Edit: I have a feeling this won’t be the last match-up thread we have for Yun, just sayin’.

Acqua got to 10kBP after 60 wins.

Lol, i have that same feeling

This is what SynikaL was talking about.

lol haters gonna hate

I just don’t think we should have someone who’s so quick to argue managing a matchup thread, where various opinions are going to be thrown around the entire time that you might not agree with. /2Cents

There hasnt been any arguing in this thread.

But I can probably guess that you think I was arguing when I said Daigo wont contribute to this forum, because he wont. It was an obvious answer I gave regardless if the guy was being serious about the beast or not?

There also isnt really opinion in match up threads, either shit works or it doesnt simple as that

It seems as though him playing the character a shit-load and having numerous videos of Daigo playing Yun uploaded would be seen as a contribution. You can certainly learn from seeing what he does in X situation. How isn’t there an opinion on matchups? Sure you have the standard formula of “this beats this, you can punish this with this” but that isn’t really knowing the matchup. Gameplans are opinionated by the player. Do you think every good Ryu player plays against Balrog the same way?

Ofcourse having Daigos videos of Yun is extrememly helpful, but it isnt a direct contribution by him, which is what I thought he meant. Anyways, yes match ups do have opinion when your talking about oki and mind games, but if you have good fundamentals, solid defence and offence there isnt much variation to matches, apart from figuring your opponent out.

This isnt Tekken where you can tell who is playing a character just by watching a match; oblivious as to who is playing the game.