Yun Match-up Thread

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At least that’s how I veiw it. (as a marital artist and a chess player xD)

I’m sorry but i don’t think that you should be managing this thread. I will try and get another person to make a topic and lock this thread. Reason being is that you seem too immature and un-knowledgeable of basic SF to handle a thread in which people require help from a more experienced person.

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I’d be willing to manage it myself, if everyone besides Tatsumaki is alright with that.

Negative Zero is just mad cause he got flamed in another thread earlier today.

Papa Rhino if your really that desperate for power in the Yun thread why dont you make a different topic which could be stickied, rather than bitch here. when I was trying to create something constructive for us Yun players?

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Hey guys, I used to play Yun in third strike and although I am in essence, nobody special I would like to add some insight.

Yun will have a decent matchup against characters like chun, and guile. My assumption is, any opponent that wants to turtle you out now gives you the opportunity to build meter, with one super they risk 50% or more based on resets. This means that yun will be a rush down character that unlike rufus, is a threat at full screen because his super building is a part of his game.

Vs dhalsim, you now have the ability to ex shoulder the limbs on reaction which would put you up close, also lunge punch, as well as dive. This means dhalsim players can get tricked into playing more carefully which will allow you easy access. And, since they have to block, you will build super the entire time they are forced to block which means by turtling they are killing themselves.

Vs bison, you can now punish those pesky scissor kick whiffs in a more universal way. dash punch, shoulder. Meaty palms might stop ex pycho because of the amount of active frames.

Most important thing is walk speed, yuns walk speed is good so you can play footsies, his crouch forward is good, his stand medium kick is bison rh like in appearance, how it acts though I do not know.

Sorry I will shut up now.

This is assuming that his palm special still builds as much meter as it did at loc tests. I hope he does decent damage, and won’t rely too much on his EX moves.

We need to see some recent vids or to hear from people who used him in AE. All good speculation though.

i’m mad? You guys in that topic is the equivalent of gamefaqs/capcom-unity. Your insults are like getting made fun of by a 5 year old. They don’t mean much.

And you ARE NOT a yun player. If you were, than you would have played with him and decided that he was your main. But, say you drop him, you won’t be managing this thread anymore will you?

You had no knowledge of basic SF prior to making this thread, and yet you still made it your self. The fact the you don’t know that videos contribute to a topic is evidence all in it’s self. Look at you now, you have yet to prove anyone wrong.

I know Yuns walk speed is good, but i dont think he has the most amazing normals which may put him at a slight disadvantage in the footsie department. He needs to start most of his attacks from the air, where he is the biggest threat.

Im not even going to waste my time arguing with you over the internet good sir.

Very good. If palms build that much meter in the official version I’ll be a happy man, that along with 123 Lunge building close to 3/4 of a bar, GJ might actually be viable :o

Great stuff Yanushik, I guess we will have to see how his matchups progress as we get more footage. I realise he can be a threat from distance as well because of his palm strikes negating fireballs as well as lunge going through projectiles but turtle characters would give him a major problem. His dive kick is his one way to properly get in without burning EX meter and chars like Guile will just flash kick and cr fierce that shit all day

genei jin is a must, yuns ex moves apart from dragon kicks were never good. Their only purpose was fast knockdown but expect them to be highly punishable on block.

I think GJ twice a round is acheivable if your playing smart with your meter. It builds at serious speed, and the GJ is said to be strengthened from third strike

I’m kinda worried that yun will be a meter dependent character. This will mean that his genei-jin will be very rare and next to useless.

I am going to try and find out his anti-air options.

lk dragon kicks are the AA of choice as they have most invincibility and U1 is also a relatively good AA if timed right.

Also remember guys, when in pressure, you dont HAVE to use EX, blocking is always an option . Just saying =)

Look at his wakeup options… Dragon kick FADC > backdash will be used frequently.

lol i dont plan on using EX much with Yun!

how about just back dash, its good enoughj ;p Gotta go, will debate more later =)

It’s better than my current main. DJ can’t FADC anything. I guess some people will just have to learn to block =P

Either that or don’t get knocked down, or just find another character.