Yun match vids

So now that im interested in some Yun vids, All the sites i knew of are now down. So if anyone knows a place where i can fing yun vids or any 3s vids it would be appreciated.
go to video section…obvioulsy lol

get the pyrolee.wmv

the ending is crazy

combovideos has some

most jap vids have alot of GOOD…NO GREAT yuns

i’ll up some yun vids to kai’s site if he lets me is his

awsome vid, pyro is nasty

Tight u guys are off the hizzle, its jus hard to find good footage these days but you guys hooked it up. im gona peep at some of these and ill let u guys know what i think.
Thanks again, peace.

thanx fo the hook up

that was a nice ending…you should note though, that if AFM wasn’t feeling so pressured(no offense to him, it was the bottom of the ninth bases loaded so to speak), he would’ve reversal timed that chun super and killed pyro.

good shit though, i think the whole world saw that super coming.

I would have probably done the same thing if I was AMF. Crazy ending.

ya me 2

It amazes me how some players can remain calm like that.

There are some reasons for remaining calm…it all depends on the goal…

I think everything that’s wrong with Chun’ was shown pretty well in that video, lol.
She kept him in the corner for almost an entire round with just kara throws.

That is a great ending though. Having the GJ on makes it look crazier than it already does.