Yun Matchup Chart

yeah this list is wack

Is that your only proof? Perhaps Daigo simply doesn’t know the Gen matchup.

I really don’t think Daigo doesn’t know the Gen match-up… anyway the small Gen community seems to have less trouble Yun…

Do you realize what 6-4 means? 8-2, 9-1, 10-0…those are free match-ups. 6-4 is hardly free.

I prefer to think in RTS terms, where 6-4 is impossible unless your opponent makes mistakes, or you are clearly far better than your opponent.

Luckily these aren’t ‘RTS terms.’

Matchups in FG are the same as matchups in RTS. It’s just that your wins are based less off reads and random guesses and more about mechanics and execution.

Take Guile vs Dhalsim for example. Do you honestly believe Guile is going to win if Dhalsim doesn’t make any mistakes?


I take it you’ve never played RTS games at a competitive level.

You’d be surprised.

I take it enjoy making videos of yourself playing games of many genres at an understandably low to mediocre level across the board?

All that experience and next-level theorycrafting may start paying off soon enough.

SF4 matchup charts are dumb. The only reason so many matches get listed as 6-4 instead of 8-2 is that once you start beating the tar out of someone they get an Ultra. That said, I don’t believe most of the SF4 matchup charts. If you can roll the guy and then bait, turtle, etc. then that character rapes the other. If you can’t, then 6-4 is pretty close…and hardly free.

The idea that you don’t win in street fighter based off of reads as much as in other genres is laughable.

Also Blanka does not lose to Yun 7-3. Blanka’s ground game is very good at keeping Yun out. Blanka dictates the pace of the match in the neutral game for the most part. And yes while Yun does destroy Blanka on wakeup so does 3/4s of the cast, it’s not something new. Good Blanka players don’t ex upball on wakeup against Yun(or most characters), we block or do focus+tech option select backdash.

I personally think Yun/Sakura is 6.5 if not 7-3 to Yun. Sakura has no reversal against Yun since her EX DP won’t be effective since Yun is in the air a lot. His divekicks up close stuffs her anti airs a lot. Yun has really good safe blockstrings and Sakura is a bit of a punishing ball.

Yes if Sakura gets an opening then Yun’s in big trouble but that opening is gonna be very hard to get.

Congratulations on taking online matches seriously. When you’ve played in offline tournaments that don’t involve SF, then we’ll talk.

Why risk making a bad read when you can just scout?

I’m talking like SC1, not RA3 and build order poker.

Yo GGPO… you can at least say it’s ridiculous in the thread, when I said it was just guesses instead of railing me outside of the thread. But these matchup threads are worthless because some people think a 6-4 is an unwinnable matchup, which is stupid. Also some people can’t come to terms with the fact that their character has no defensive options against such good rushdown options.

I might’ve been too harsh on some characters, but my chart is by no means official. It needs to be updated with real facts and a unified matchup ideal. I’ll post on that from my earlier thread…
6-4: Slight disadvantage, can still win easily if you outplay the other guy
7-3: Noticeable disadvantage, the matchup works well against you to the point where you are required to make risky guesses
8-2: Incredible disadvantage, character design is ultimately against you and you’re fighting a losing battle no matter how much of a life lead you have
9-1: Can only win through utter luck or glitches or playing spastic and randoming like a boss to get damage and mindfuck the other guy
10-0: Unwinnable (Press a button to win)

At least pay attention to your fellow posters who are trying to make better matchup charts.

The difference between RTS’ and fighting games is scale. I don’t play RTS’ at any appreciable level, but the fact that the match’s generally take about 10x-20x as long as any given fighting game match suggests that singular mistakes matter less than in a FG sense. You can lose a few minor battles and still win the war whereas in SF one or two bad reads can easily make you very very dead. In a more cynical view you can say that RTS’ require ‘more reads’ but I think the skills the two test go in different directions even if they’re fundementally similar with SF playing more to fast reactions and spot reads and RTS’ requiring more of a global concept.

I think Nyoronoru’s chart is accurate, 6-4’s are where you have some hurdle(fireballs, poor defensive options, etc.) to overcome to start playing your game, 10-0 is where the hurdle is Godzilla.

Wasn’t aware that 10-0 match up existed in this game, or even 8-2.

7-3 is about the worst a match up can get in this game, EG Rog-Blanka, Dhalsim-Ryu, etc.
6-4 = noticeable difference.

and let’s not compare it to RTS, 2 completely different things.

I did. So did a whole bunch of other people. Your list being off isn’t a big secret.

You were asking what Yun’s matchups were to Yun players, so I decided to put it in the Yun forum instead of the tier thread, where people who want the game patched usually post. Do you want to avoid the criticism?

So pre-constructed sets with someone online is a good excuse for terrible play, trash mind-set, and poor game knowledge. I know when I’m too lazy to play floe at his house I play him online and start my flowcharts up too. I record them for jokesss.

When you actually place in [S]offline[/S] Tournaments in general that involve any game, then we’ll talk.

haha. Part of me now thinks you’re one of those low-level ‘jack of all trades’ trying to use your very limited theory wikipedia knowledge amongst peers.

All good though, keep staying below average with stream monster knowledge.

PurpleLemonadeGGPO: After the community compiles a bit of information, could probably list advantages/disadvantages under each individual match-up. Hopefully it would settle most of the confusion some players have with skewed match-up idea.

It’s not even just some random Daigo loss video. Gen simply has an easier time against the twins (Yun in particular), and that’s not even counting his supposed “unblockable” setup against them. Of course this is just anecdotal, but I have yet to lose to a single Yun (out of the thirty or so matches against him so far) online when I’m Gen, and I’m not even far above “average” with him. Maybe that has more to do with those players simply not knowing the matchup–I really don’t know, but I do know that I have much less issues against them with Gen than with some other characters.

At the very least, that matchup is 5-5, but it feels more like 4-6 or 4.5-5.5.