Yun NooB...HELP!


Ok, I just started getting into using Yun. Can someone please help me on how to actually get good with him. I’ve been working on his combos mostly but, I haven’t actually faced an opponent that is good yet. Any good stratagies with him I need to know? I’ve been having some trouble going against Chun-Li and Dudley when I play the cpu. Help please.


start off with sourai rengeki, not genei jin to learn yun.

get his jump lp -> f+fp down. pretty essential.

learn how to cross up with dive kicks and land short with dive kicks. when landing short go for his command grab or regular throw.

after you get comfortable with his pokes etc…

practice corner genei jin, mid screen genei jin and activating genei jin outside of combos as soon as you get it.

make sure you can do his bread and butter with out the roll too.