Yun now G tier, as in GG i dont wanna win



I dont see how giving a character two “adjustments” and a minor buff, making up for his tools being almost completely useless, ive counted somewhere around 28 nerfs that he has received, and lets say 3 of these nerfs keep him from being a strong tournament worthy character considering all the “anti yun tech” that was founded in vanilla AE, those nerfs that hold him back are the dive kick height restriction, and the loss of grab invincibility on EX command grab, in addition to it not longer being 5 frame start up. Thoughts? Yun Needs Buffs 2013 Edition

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this thread = wah wah Picking yun isn’t my instant win button now. I actually have to WORK with him now.


reducing a character to frame traps that dont lead into any real damage, and tick throws, does not define a character, and certainly not tournament worthy character at that


I’ll assure you, Yun was never an instant win button for BallTapper.

Serious though, it’s frustrating having your character nerfed, especially when it dramatically changes a lot of things. Not only are you struggling with the weaker character, your play has to adjust to different spacing and positioning.


You just described Bison in a nutshell, except Yun actually has plenty of good options.


yeah, i pretty much described bison, but bison was never a in your face rush you down character, he was pretty much a monster at controlling space, and he has like all the wake up options he could want, and im not going for that “he can get option selected on his wake up” almost every characters wake up reversal can be option selected T_T


I beat my friend with Yun just tonight. I used my ultra and everything.

I can assure you he’s still very good in the right hands.


There are people who intentionally mained Hakan.

Live with it or switch to a different character.


Confirmed, Yun does so little damage he actually heals you


really? yun´s damage is far from bad, its not the best damage but very far from bad.


Either deal with it or go back to 3S.


I went back to 3s


That would be Yang…


another one of these threads -.- Yun is still really damn good, i wouldnt mind taking any buffs but i dont think he needs them


idk, maybe its kinda like the way i see sentinel, where there is no possible way he is anything but worst character in the game, but his damage output just makes him okay, when i play against another yun im just sitting there like “lol your gonna hit me for no damage” because i myself just dont see the character threatening at all >_>


Yun has been made into a regular sf4 character. He has some tools but has been made mediocre in many ways. Luckily most of the cast is mediocre as well so he is still viable. It’s though hard to make others understand why Yun isn’t as competitive as before. A lot of people play crap chars like deejay, t hawk, blanka, dan, gouken etc. For them Yun has been brought down to the same shitty levels.


yun is ass tier in this game, lets be real


Yang is dead, but Yun is really good, still. Kazunoko didn’t go back to him for no reason.


He isn’t ass tier, lol. Mid-high hes very strong in the high tier matchups but loses in some lower tier matchups. That’s why in this game you have to play multiple characters imo


This has to be a troll thread. No way anyone legitimately holds this opinion.