Yun Option Select Thread!

Yun has 3 versatile moves that probably can make for some nice OS: Lunge, Upkicks and Shoulder. Here are some of my thoughts - would love further input and brainstorming!

  1. When doing -> s.lp, can we OS a LP lunge (similar to Ken’s EX tatsu OS)
  2. How would OS jumpin / EX command grab work vs Abel? Would it grab him out of his EX roll and stop his other wakeup options? Do we lose to his command throw?
  3. Jump-in -> EX upkicks vs Honda?

What are good OS to use vs Bison?

I saw a dive kick OS U2 against akuma’s teleport in one of the vids i came across … caught him clean.

Shoulder seems too slow to be useful as an OS. I can’t picture a scenario where lunge wouldn’t be better.

  1. Yes.
  2. Command throw comes out. However, I think it is not fast enough, I know Fei can’t connect his this way.
  3. Depends on the invincibility, but that’s pretty much a staple OS.

vs Bison, I can imagine LK Upkicks being used just like Ryu’s lp shoryu (against EX Scissors, Stomp, Devil Reverse and Psyco Crusher) and Lunge (or shoulder, maybe) against teleport/backdash.

On a side note, I’m interested in the timing to OS after dive kicks. I’m not familiar with those kind of characters.

OS Crouch Tech Combo Starter

  • anything with
  • x3, st. lk xx LP Lunge_HK Upkicks
  •,, st.lp, xx HK Upkicks
  •, cst.lp, xx HK Upkicks
  •, cst.lp,, xx HK Upkicks*

Straight from the Yun reference log.


banbaban is using OS on Viper’s wakeup. Beats HP Knuckle, wake up burn kicks, probably EX seismo. Godlike stuff :slight_smile:

Viper is atleast 6-4 for Yun weee

Ok so this might be a noobish type question, but how would I go about option selecting something like a lunge punch or ultra? I’ve never really done much in the way of OSs before except for crouch teching and maybe one or two other things but other than that nothing really, so I’m just starting fresh with Yun since I really wanna up my game and just get better at it. Could someone maybe give a simple explanation about how exactly to do an option select like that and how to just in general find good option selects? It’d be really helpful!

I’m pretty sure this has been stated somewhere on the Yun forums: you can do cr.LP , qcf+LP to get st.LP plus an option select lunge punch. Add in the ultra input (an extra qcf, and MP+HP) and you’ll option select ultra. The trick is to time it on the end of cr.LP’s recovery.

Too early and you’ll simply cancel cr.LP into lunge punch. Too late and you’ll get your option select input even if cr.LP is blocked.

For back dashing I just do cLP->sLP~f+HP. Does more dmg than LP lunge and ALOT easier.

Yeah is good, but if the viper has good skill she can do a tk feint or a ex seismo feint and than whatever she wants

^She can’t do a TK feint. It doesn’t have any invuln and EX seismo feint and she’ll have to block the sMP. This opselect is Godly against Viper.

This doesn’t work against half of backdashes :/, although I wish it did, Cr. lp to lunge on whiff isn’t TOO hard once you get the timing.


I decided to make a video on how to do OS against backdash on the ground, I hope someone finds it useful.

Thanks for actually doing a vid. To contribute. You can beat her (rose) best reversal by doing cr.lp, (option select lk dp), link fs.lp, link into whatever. Which basically means in the corner she’s free and can’t do any option…

EDIT: The option select I put up does indeed work but doesn’t seem worth the risk? Unless in the corner as I said.

Also: looking at the lunge punch OS: lp lunge on akuma back teleport misses but yun recovers in time and close enough to do standing mp into whatever.

OS ex lunge hits bison teleport clean. He can block after backdash but ex lunge is +1 so who cares. Psycho crusher wins clean.

EDIT 2: More Rose stuff. That basic OS mentioned earlier with cr.lp, cs.lp os into whatever… Hold back and you beat her backdash in the corner. You block ex soul spiral and get a free punish. Also keeps you safe from all of Bison’s wake up options.

Dive kick stuff coming soon…

How do u do the banaban OS against viper? Are the button presses like a kara?

I noticed this fancy safe jump setup from Daigo:
after U1 knockdown , instant nj.HK whiff , instant st.HK whiff , j.MK

Seems to be a safe jump against Honda and Juri but it can probably work on other characters as well. It also seems to be quite useful if you already reached your juggle limit (eg: you did EX Lunge into U1 so you cannot juggle a Lunge after the U1).


Just press lp and mp at the same time.

My gets hit by TK, what am I doing wrong?

clk has 8 frame recovery and HP TK comes out in 7

So he must be positioning himself so that the TK misses yuns hurtbox.

Edit: Either that or he’s simply doing the clk early, too early to hit, as a fake out. I have a feeling there must be a reason neither hsien or Daigo is making use of this.

“Meaty means you are hitting the jab on the first active frame of wakeup”

No it doesn’t…

Quite informative, very useful post.

“This means to use a move as your opponent is getting up so that only a few frames of the animation hit them, instead of all of the frames of animation. Meaty moves tend to have big active frames — frames where your opponent can be hit — making it easier to land an attack as the other fighter stands.”

So, with paraphrasing we can conclude that meaty timing means that a jab is thrown so it hits on the first frame of wakeup.

Although if you’re just trolling like your username implies, good job.