Yun or Yang. The battle of the twins. Discuss



Hi guys, been trying out yang lately. Just wanna get some insight on the twins and who do you guys think are better. So let’s get the discussion started~~~


Yun > Yang, no discussion

But as for myself I prefer Yang much more.


Hmmm i see. Personally i uses both. To me i think that although yun seems to be better but i feels that yang got much more potential. Since yang has a rekka, therefore anytime u see someone focus, it’s a free punish. I also felt that yang has more mixup n fares better at the footsie area too. Care to share why u think yun is much more better than yang? And why is it that u prefer to play yang although yun is better?


I prefer the footsie oriented play style and controlling the corner. My style of yang focuses very little on the mixup aspect, which i feel is more what yun does well in. Yang’s combos are also more fun! mp shoulder rfadc ultra is so boring even if it does an insane amount of dmg. Yang’s cl.hp mp palm fadc lp --> i) dash ultra 1 ii) whiff instant divekick hkdp is much more challenging and rewarding.


Yea i agree that yang execution requirement is higher.

I still can’t do mp palm fadc into st lp with consistency without b-linking. I feels that in order to have an efficient yang you really need to maximize his damage and learn how to combos things like mp palm into st lp, st mk walk forward/dash ultra. With yang buff in ultra, i felt that he can actually compete at a higher lvl than ae2012 since now that his far st mp can be combo into upkick/rekka, his improved j fwd mk crossup and that he also have his own rfadc combos. Sometimes i just wish capcom is willing to give yang more damage.

I felt that yang mixup is scarier than yun as with any mk dp ender, jump forward lk dk will hit infront and allows you to combos into cr lk into your bnb and jump forward into mk is a crossup, that basically makes every knockdown a 50/50 guess as the opponent needs to guess either front or back. But i dunno man, since i have been using yang back only recently, i hope i can have more insight from the expert yang players lurking in the forum to enlighten this new yang apprentice.


oh i didnt know that mixup. i rarely end with mk dp but i think i’ll start incorporating that into my gameplay. You can probably watch mago on topanga tv, he plays yang in ranked and is teaching this girl how to play him. His yang play style is the way that feels natural to me.He does minimal mixups and focuses on corner push/control while maxing dmg. I love how he ends in forward walk hk dp after mp palm in the corner to maximize damage and get that free safe jump. Or you could watch Shiine which is the opposite. Focusing much more on mixups and resets.


This isn’t AE anymore; Yun wins this matchup now because of his fucking retarded damage.


Yea i guess i can conclude that yun is indeed better after all. Now that he have rfadc n genei jin, he really have so much more tools at his disposal


Yang has many strengths over Yun

Yang wakeup- better DP; completely invincible and can be FADCd. In addition Yang can ex dash out of any cross-up mixups.
Yun dp: HK DP is only strike invincible and cannot be made safe. LK DP whiffs on crouchers but beats throws.

Yang has more economic comback potential, needing 2 meters to FADC U1/2
Yun requires 3 meters for RF or 4 for Genei Gin

Yang has a 3-frame cr short compared to Yun’s 4-frame

  • Yang has better footsies, better corner pressure, safer mixups, faster walk speed and can punish more things better (heavy rekkas as opposed to heavy lunge)

tldr; Yang is easier to use and takes few risks.
Yun is probably better though in the hands of a master due to his better vortex game. Yang doesn’t get much after his BNB Rekkas


These are not strengths. EX Dash is throwable, leaving him open to empty jump throws.

It is easier for Yun to build 3 bars of super than it is for Yang to build 2 bars and a decent amount of ultra meter. The twins build super meter stupid fast, this is a non issue.

Meh. Yun has 3-frame crouching jab.

Yang doesn’t have better footsies. Or better corner pressure.

Yun can walk up xx whatever when he needs to punish stuff. He in the end gets bigger punishes.

Yang actually takes more risks because he requires more combos and mixups to win. Yun just needs a handful of combos and mixups to know.

Learn to end in rollkicks or FADC into


I think yang effort does not pay off for him as well as yun does. For etc, yun can just st mp into shoulder into rfadc or genei jin whereas yang does not have much damaging punish except for maybe cl mk dash/ walk ultra.


Taking an objective look, the only matchups that yang does better than yun is vs shotos. It’s important since in the past we have seen some ryu counterpicks to yun.

But in every other matchup, both good and bad ones, yun is superior. On the matchups divekick offense dominates (ie Dhalsim) Yun does it better and on the bad matchups where you get dominated in the neutral game (ie grapplers, some charge characters) Yun does way better because he has superior normals for the midrange game.


Just out of curiosity, which normals are you referring to? Cuz i feel yang’s normals are fantastic already ie. far,, sweep. As far as i know the only diff in their divekicks is that yun is +1 more than yang on block but yang is +1 more on hit. Does yun have a different height restriction on his divekick? I think one of the biggest advantages yun has on yang, aside from the insane damage, is how close he lands after his dp. He ends most of his combos with it, and it opens up so many possibilities for mixups.


If you look at the hitboxes on the moves, yun’s are incomparably better. Every single one of his buttons has a hitbox past the hurtbox, lots of active frames, good frame data, great damage and conversion. Even yun’s has better hitbox.

The arguable better moves that yang has are,, s.hp and All the others I’d give to yun by a huge margin.

They are different characters but for matchups that feel unwinable for yang (ie: hugo, zangief, honda) yun can fight on the strenght of, far hk, blockstring, target combo chip, etc.


Yea i also feels that against gappler, yun has more tools to deal with the matchup. Yun vs gief is 1 of my fav match as it really can tells u how good your ground game is


Yang can apply safer pressure when within range… Thats really it.

Once you play a yun who properly understands the 5 frame, 4 frame and coupled with his walkspeed. You realise Yun has much better footsies. Yuns air to air is better too.

Saying that however, Yang is really rewarding… Getting those mp palm fadc links and, links are essential. Meter efficiency too(only using rekka fadc when not scaled as much/or to kill). Yang can kill people quickly and just as fast as Yun can, just maybe not as often.

I would love to see yang with a +1 overhead on hit or more stun but I like the way he is currently.


That summarizes the whole point actually.

Somehow people bought into the misconception that yang is the “footsie twin” when his toolset isn’t really that good for that (no active frames on grounded normals, poor hitboxes). Whereas he has normals with +4 frame advantage on block, safest rekka in the game, movespeed to walk in and out of crouch tech range, etc.


Yun is unbalanced as all hell! Have you seen that video with a Genei-Jin combo that did 706 damage on SETH!? Imagine what it would do to Zangief!
Yang is for players who prefer a balanced game, Yun is for players who are absolute tier whores.