Yun Player Directory: Ver. 2012



Thought i’d make this thread so we dont have constantly new threads to find players to train with

  • SRK Name
  • PSN / Xbox Live Gamertag
  • Location:



[details=Spoiler]+ Hitenryu

  • Tong_Lung

  • Location: UK

  • DaFeetLee

  • DaFeetLee

  • NY/EC

  • Speedkicks

  • PSN: SpeeDKickS

  • Georgia

  • Onemic

  • PSN: onem1c

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

  • Qwezzx

  • PSN: qwezzx

  • Location: NJ

Xbox Live Gamertags

Xbox Live

[details=Spoiler]+ Neiburo

  • Xbl: Neiburo

  • Sweden, Europe

  • Will Smith

  • XBL: WillSmithXBL

  • California

  • Speedkicks

  • XBL: SpeeDKickS

  • Georgia

  • Siitch

  • Xbl: Cherry Burster

  • Location : Nyc

  • crushingyen

  • XBL: crushingyen

  • Location: California

  • KhaoticSymbiote

  • XBL: KhaoticSymbiote

  • Location: Texas

  • vXKirvinXv

  • XBL: vXKirvinXv

  • Location: NJ

  • IdLikeSumPoundCake

  • XBL: IFA Sadistt

  • Location: Canada

  • NB2

  • XBL: Fred Mchale

  • Location: NYC

  • Pedro107

  • XBL: Pedro107

  • Location: UK

  • joyfull78

  • XBL: joyfull78

  • Location: GA, USA.

Games For Windows Live


[details=Spoiler]+ Siitch

  • GFWL: Sacred Espada

  • Location : Nyc

  • Onemic

  • GFWL: onemic/onem1c

  • Location: Toronto, Canada

  • crushingyen

  • GFWL: Toph DGH

  • Location: California

  • IdLikeSumPoundCake

  • GFWL: IFA Sadistt

  • Location: Canada



Let me know who you are if you friend request me~


Xbl: Neiburo
Sweden, Europe

I got a ps3 but never play on it. I’ve only been playing Yun seriously for about 2-3 months so I wouldn’t mind playing other Yun players!


Jump on ps3 sometime so i can play you!


Oops forgot to say I’m PS3 lol


Heh I’ll have to buy AE for ps3 first, but I might consider it.


Will Smith
XBL: WillSmithXBL


XBL: SpeeDKickS
PSN: SpeeDKickS


Xbl: Cherry Burster
Location : Nyc


Sorry for double post, also forgot to mention im on PC as well
As “Sacred Espada”


PSN: onem1c
GFWL: onem1c
Location: Toronto, Canada

Newbie Yun player for the past 3 weeks, would love to get to play some people that actually know how to use the character well! Pretty much a newbie FGC player in general so any advice is welcome.




Sorry, edited. I’m in Toronto


Hoh, we should play. i’m in anchorage right now so any canadian connection is welcomed by me. I’ll send u an invite


XBL: IFA Sadistt
PC: IFA Sadistt


SRK Name: crushingyen
XBL: crushingyen
PC: Toph DGH
Location: California


I’m usually down to play some matches anytime I’m online, so just send me a message and we can set up a lobby.

XBL: KhaoticSymbiote
PC : KhaoticSymbiote
Location: Texas


XBL: vXKirvinXv
Location: NJ


XBL: Fred Mchale


Here’s my PSN:qwezzx
Location: NJ


XBL: Pedro107