Yun Pressure, Need help on XBL

How do you play less offesnsivly with yun. A lot of the time I find myself Dive Kicking to much or makeing to obvious, what do you usually do when you find people are reading your divekicks and stuffing them. Also what do you usally do against random reversals. Sometimes off my BnB up kicks I try doing an abingous cross ups and eat a lot of shit. Lastly what do you do to get around shotos.
If anyone can play me on XBL and critique me a bit it would be very appreciated.
XBL - Cherry Burster

you could always walk forward or dash…you dont always have to divekick…his lunge punch is also safe on block if you space it right.or his ex lunge punch is safe no matter what.when you fight against shotos use the ex shoulder move, and learn your safe jumps so you wont get dpd when you get a knockdown.a good safe jump after a forward throw is lk dp jump mk. or in the corner three dashes then do instant lk dive kick…timing is a little strict though. and go into training room and learn the safest distance to do always want to hit their feet.anything higher than that will get you thrown.and if youre getting reverseled on youre crossups(i assume you mean the lk divekick on wakeup?)then your doing the dive kick too late. that or you could do mk dive kick to whiff, land on the other side and hit them with a low attack like or cr mk for mixup.

Thanks a lot. Il be sure to hit the Lab and learn my spaceing more. I just have a bad habit of abusing Dive Kicks so hopefully I can just change it.

You cannot “safe jump” shotos. They have 3f reversals…well, most of them at least

That’s not true. You can safe jump a person with a 3f reversal after a forward throw. From the Safe Jump Setup Thread that I posted, you can do a forward throw, immediately do one forward empty jump, and a second forward jump to LK dive kick for a cross-up situation. This stuffs 3f reversals from shotos; I’ve done this many times in matches.

Unless they delay their reversal so that it “auto corrects”.
It’s the same with akuma’s crossup tatsu. It’ll beat reversals and will lose to delayed reversals. A “safe jump” means that you block in time if they go for reversal and you hit them if they don’t.

If people are stuffing your divekicks then you’re being far too predictable with them, you don’t need to switch to something like lunge to get around that, you just need to dive better. It’s incredibly difficult for people to react to the divekick coming down, but it’s really easy for them to react to you jumping off the ground, if you’re getting stuffed then what is probably happening is that every time you jump you’re diving at people with the same timing, and they’re reacting to your jump, not to the divekick. To be less predictable you need to mix between just jumping and not diving, jumping and diving late as you come down instead of on the way up, and jumping but whiffing a lighter divekick to close distance without committing. If you make use of all those options then the other guy can’t simply throw something out when you jump, they have to actually see and react to the divekick which is hard as nails.

Also stay away from forward jumps, if you’re jumping forwards then you’re committing to an attack regardless of wether you dive. Characters with big hitbox uppercuts will just throw them out at you and it’ll beat the dive no matter how you mix up the timing. Neutral jump all day, and then it’s not clear when or if you’ll commit to an attack in any particular jump. As a simple example of an approach from mid screen, try neutral jumping, then throwing a light divekick to land early, immediately neutral jumping again, waiting, and then HK dive late on the way down to connect with toes. That’s much harder to react to and deal with than just jumping forward and diving at the earliest point straight at people every time.

Thanks a lot man, very useful information