Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



Let’s get this board rolling.


sweet, looking forward to the Yun madness


sooo pumped


what does yun like to do for his birthday?


Are his rekka things safe on block?

Is his dive kick more like Rufus’ (at the height he can) or like Akuma’s/Gouken’s/etc.?

Is his palm safe on block?

How fast does he build meter?

Is he better or worse than Yang?

is he real


yun has rekka?


Nope, sure doesn’t, lol.


Isn’t it a rekka-like move? It says lunge punch on the eventhubs guide, I haven’t played 3S so I don’t know.


Rekka normally implies a series like Abel or Fei, it’s just a single lunge punch.


Okay, well nonetheless I would like to know how safe it is on block. I don’t mean exact frames, just if it’s very punishable or not. Sorry for the confusion

  1. Probably not. But you can probably cancel out of it.

  2. I’d assume so. It can also stop fireballs.

  3. Look at the video thread. The one vs Guile was how it used to. Now, I dunno. Hopefully insanely fast so we can Genei-jin all day like 3S.

  4. In this game Yang will be better. Yang will have better wake up options and chances are Yun will have to burn meter to get away safely. Yang also has a better horizontal footsies game.


All I want to know is if he can build meter to reliably geneijin each round with ssfiv mechanics. If that supers wasted I’m going to be mad


From what we know from our sources(videos), it seems like he could build his meter fast by using palm to deflect projectile moves or as an ender for one of his Target combo(I guess). So he could use genei-jin like crazy, but I don’t think its going to be like 3S though, but we’ll see.

I’m looking forward what Arcade UFO can get from playing the twins.



Please someone tell me he’s a good character. I dont mean Adon solid I mean Dictator solid


Also did his color make it to AE?


yooo ThirtyFour i was just watching you in the marlinpie stream a while ago, Nice Dudley you got there! you moving to Yun though D: ?

for the Palm, seems quite safe so far, i’d think around -3 at max, plus it pushes back so its probably safe even if its on - frames.
its hella useful against fireballs to build meter, hell apparently you can cancel an EX fireball with palm (cancel 1st hit and still have time to guard the second hit)
Looking forward to playing Yun!


From the sounds of things EX Lunge Punch to Ultra 1 to EX Shoulder Slam works.
So Dive Kick, OS EX Lunge Punch to punish backdash/Teleport with ultra. Seems legit right?
And maybe Dive Kick, Fierce Lunge Punch OS, super…combo continued.


hmmm…that’s really interesting. But, unlike Yang, he doesn’t seem to have a good grounded footsie game just like Tokido says.


I’m personally not too worried about that. I feel that(depending on how good it is, it’s looking pretty good from what I’ve seen of videos) dive kick will be more than enough to get past most of the footsie game and as he has no trouble standing back and building meter. I’m quite enthusiastic about Yun’s potential from what I’ve heard so far.


focus attack is a big problem for the dive kicks i reckon because they are nowhere near as fast as cammys or rufus’ dives


Idk how much of what I’ve heard is rumor so take this with a grain of salt but I read that yun doesn’t have a height restriction for his dive kick but yang does, which makes sense because yang has a much stronger ground game. Even if the dive kicks is slower you can still do it instantly and there is an entire mind game just with dive kicks alone. You can do so many things not to mention that Rufus only has mk divekick. One trajectory. In order to move differently he has to delay it or dive kick abruptly. Yun and Yang both have 3 different dive kicks. One of which (lk) almost completely stops you mid air. Dive kicks are shenanigans:

  • Bait them into countering the dive kick and do an instant lk dive in the air effectively stopping your movement mid air.
  • cross up on wake up
  • land right in front of them (safe jump) leading into cr.short, cr.jab, throw, another dive kick (crossup or not)
  • land and block
    All of these options (and theres more uses, this is just basic) become available because of dive kicks. It’s pretty amazing.

Note: Apparently Gief is a really bad matchup for Yun, I’d like to be in the lab right now but I won’t have a chance until it goes live on XBL.