Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



How do fellow Yun players deal with wake up shoryuken? It seems when I play against Ryus they always know when to uppercut >.< And when i decide not to press buttons I get grabbed instead >.< I can never seem to get a safe divekick on their wakeup, so i’m forced to attack their wakeup from the ground which is always so scary


Does X up LP shoulder into U1 still work? I haven’t been able to get it.


I really feel that zangief/thawk vs yun are both 5-5. Everyone thinks I’m ridiculous. And the comment I mentioned before about yuns footsies being buffed just because of red focus is definitely a thing. In 2012 whenever Yun’s had super opponent were frightened of touching anything due to the fear of losing 450-500 health. Now that fear is worse because we need one less bar yes the damage is a tad lower 400-450 but the stun is around 800. No one wants to deal with that. Imo it makes opponents look out for grounded footsies more against yun which opens them up more to divekick pressure if you read their poking patterns. Also I believe there is character specific combos on thawk that do a ton of damage (, xx hkdk) Zangief might be the ONLY one that could be 4.5-5.5 I haven’t decided yet and I’ve only played a few.


I miss genei jin. Red focus is better for yun but it’s still a terrible mechanic and it’s boring as hell. Genei jin was awesome and unique.

Honestly wouldn’t care if they just removed red focus. It pushes some characters way up the tier list while others have absolutely no use for it. It’s such a weird mechanic that messes with the game and not in a good way, imo.


Never worked? MP does because it pops them into a juggle. I guess counterhit perfect meaty would but that’s pretty unrealistic.


i think that red focus is a good thing but maybe in usf4 ver2015 they can make it so everyone can use it


I feel like I’ve seen a Japanese player do it in one of those SSF4evo videos a long time ago but I may be mistaken.


It’s too good for us though. 2 1/2 bars basically then xx lp shoulder and you land a free ultra or big damage and stun combos.

I was watching back on some of my replays and I can abuse it so much to the point were my opponent is terrified (and rightly so) of my It’s kind of ridiculous. It reminds me of a more powerful version of rufus. You know how when rufus has U1 he has such an amazing comeback ability that it’s borderline cheap? Us with red focus is 10x worse.

Apparently this is quite a popular opinion among the top Japanese players. We all know daigo and a lot of others think Yun is so good that he’s in a tier of his own, they even said the characters on the bottom half of their tier lists were there simply because they get annihilated by Yun. Daigo also said he actually judges a characters tier position on whether or not they can fight Yun.
Momochi just came right out and said yun was broken, and although it was said as banter to the group and kazunoko, he meant what he said.
This is all literally because of red focus. Even with the damage buffs and lunge buff I don’t think Yun would make top tier, or if he did he would be on the bottom half of the top tier. At the moment it’s Yun tier, then top tier, then high tier, then mid tier etc.

I believe red focus is not a balanced mechanic when paired with yun, at least not as it is currently. It’s not broken, but perhaps a little TOO good. Of course others may disagree and I’m totally open to arguments against my opinion.


Red focus just benefits those who don’t really need it, the most. Viper and yun both get great mileage of off red focus, and with how much meter they build, they get the chance to use it pretty much every round. And like you said, once either gets 3 bars it forces the opponent to repect you more and change the way they approach.


Honestly, regarding Gief/Hawk/Hugo, I still do Genei combos on them.

That’s only because I focus on whiff punishing/anti airing/spacing a lot vs these 3, and the routes I do from genei do around 460-490 depending where I’m at on the screen when I hit them. All the mixup I usually get from knockdowns are low/throw usually (and meaty hop kick super sparingly, I found a consistent timing to hit this every time from all enders recently), so I can’t really stun them like that. Plus, it’s important to now know the routes from lk dp now, so you can convert from this to good damage.

There are exceptions, but that’s what I usually focus on.

I think for me, the fear factor of the players in my area has grown because of the increased comeback ability. For those of us who have played the character for a year or beyond, it’s like you are getting rewarded for the hard work you put in.


I swear capcom have some rule were Yun must be top tier in everything. lol


Not CvS2. Don’t think he’s top tier in SFA3 upper 2 either (the one for psp)?


I have not touch ultra yet but I feel like yun is a walking train of doom now( 3 meter rf really did it for yun)

1 meter = ex up kick in the corner into ultra 1
2 meter = free get in ex lunge punch / ex up kick juggle potential
3 meter = lp shoulder into rf into ultra/possible reset
4 meter = lp shoulder/lk upkick into genei jin into ultra into reset potential/ hkd

It seems that whenever yun have meter people need to be afraid of him.

And last but not least who can forget about the godlike It’s so good that it can even anti air on it’s own ^^

Really would like to see how many pple would scream for nerf for yun

#1294 is not godlike. It’s a mediocre normal and a terrible AA.


If Daigo didn’t spoke a word about Yun not too many people would be aware of this.

Imho this doesn’t bother me at all, because good a Yun, and I mean a really good one, are rare to come by. He isn’t Cammy AE lvl, not close, Cammy was easy pick and easy win with her DMG and STUN. Yun requires dedication and solid knowledge of his options and people expect a Top Tier to be easy to play with.

Not downplaying at all, just saying that it isn’t like people claim it is.


A few friends who i play with are bitching alot about, saying “a move like that shouldn’t anti-air!”



Same. It’s usually so good that it’s become a bit of a bad habit for me. Lol.


are we playing the same game?


Clearly not if people think is a “godlike” normal…


I would not say requires dedication and solid knowledge…more like you need a strong Street Fighter skillset and acumen to play this character effectively, unlike Ibuki, where you can spend a hour in T mode and learn 1 setup, and get ridiculous mileage out of it.

Which is why alot of people on here seem to have hard time seeing this character as the best overall character in the game as it stands right now. As well why they made up all these bs excuses why the character was not top 10 in 2012. I would even go as far as saying that these same people would argue that he was not the best character in AE.

In this type of game, Yun’s toolsets are going to be very strong.