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in a vacuum the button isnt very good/sucks. With the context of yun’s gameplan I think it is pretty good; its not godlike but its pretty good.

St mp xx shoulder is so nice, and red focus makes it sick.

Despite having short range, divekicks make people hesitate to press buttons as much.

St mp on any of my other chars would be booty-butt-cheeks but it complements yun’s tool-set nicely.

And fuck using st mp as an AA lol.
LK Upkicks all day baby! More damage, soft KD, invincible. I dont even try to use st mp unless i have ultra and 2 bars ready.
St mp/cr mp AA into mp/hp cross up shoulder, FADC, U1 is a gamble but is so godlike if it hits.


A mediocre normal does not move you forward, have a good hitbox, remain active for 5f, or have special/TC cancels. Like the only thing far MP has going against it is that it can be low profiled from farther out (and the fact that it does 80 stun.)

I mean if you just throw out fst.MP with 0 shoulders and never use any of Yun’s other buttons, then yes, it would be pretty meh.


Ok, maybe mediocre was a bad word, but it’s still only pretty good.

It’s useful in the context of Yuns gameplay but calling it “godlike” is totally ignorant and I would only ever expect to hear that from someone who doesn’t play Yun.


I have a question as of Ultra, what good frame traps does Yun have?


Please read the earlier posts. This question is always asked.


If u say for yun is only mediocre, you really should play yun more ><


I was arguing that it wasn’t godlike. Because it’s not.

In the scope of the game and every normal, is nothing special.


For reference - what would you put in the “godlike normals” category? Genuinely curious.


Things like Akuma’s, Goukens sweep, vega’s, every button chun li has… lol

Akuma’s new far st.hp is very good, not sure if I would call it godlike but it’s worth a mention.


Hmm good to hear from your point of view regarding is a “normal” normal and nothing special. I would like to point out to you some points and really go think about it:

  1. which normal of yun do you use in counter poke suitation that will lead to the most damage
  2. which normal of yun can be used as a frame trap and a o.s
  3. which normal of yun can achieve both of the things mention above and yet at the same time AA with certain reliability

If a normal can achieve all 3 of the things above and is still not godlike enough, then I don’t know what to say.

Maybe you should take a look at hitbox and frame data again

P.S: By mentioning that I think yun is near god-like status doesn’t mean I think that it’s the absolute best normal in the game


Gouki’s far HK is godlike but Yun’s far MP is nothing special…man…come on. A godlike normal is allowed to whiff on 20+ crouching characters??


Is this for real? Akuma’s is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the best normals in the game. Breaks focus, not punishable, leads to big damage combos or even resets for no meter. If it didn’t whiff on those characters crouching it would be broken. is not a godlike normal. You will never hear anyone mention Yun’s when talking about the best normals in the game. If it’s not comparable with the best normals then it’s not godlike. It’s a good normal but it’s nothing that stands out as being amazing.

Also, while mentioning AA capabilities is a good point because it adds to’s potential, there’s so many normals in the game that can AA with “certain reliability”.


Far HK is actually punishable on block in some of the abusable MUs since 2012, you can focus crumple or back dash out of it (easier to crumple), and if you’re one of the characters who crouch it (most of them) - you’re able to punish it (not punishable???) for huge damage. If you played AE Yun you would have heard nine out of ten players bitching about fst.MP because of TC4 alone. So “never” actually happened.

Well whatever. Yun is all about the dive kick and he’s just not that good…


I just hope if the nerf hammer hits him, it won’t cripple him.

Altough I think they’ll change red focus stuff and not the character.


Don’t make it out as if AE TC4 was a massive point of complaining, because it wasn’t. Why are you even bringing up other iterations? I said you will never (not have never) hear anyone mention when talking about the best normals, and you won’t. We’re not playing AE so for whatever reason you decided to bring that up, it’s not relevant or applicable to this.

Also I don’t know what Akumas you are playing but goodluck reliably focus crumpling against a good one. Oh and also, most of them? I’m pretty sure less than half the cast can crouch it. “Most of them” applies to the fact that he can use it safely against most of the cast. is not a godlike normal.


Mp is a pretty good normal compared to alot of the casts normals. I agree it has its faults but nonetheless, still pretty damn good.


Any of you guys tried mp.lunge, walk forward a bit, on charge characters after a fwd throw?

The crosses them up before wake up, so they lose charge, and you still get to apply meaty pressure. Seems good but haven’t really had a chance to play lately to test it out against an actual player.


How do you effectively do Yuns LK kara throw? Is there any video? I have seen the one canceling the ex shoulder, but I’d like to learn about the Kara throw Ed Ma spoke of.


If you consider every button chun li has to be god-like but not yun Seriously I think we are not playing the same game ><

Anyway let’s end this discussion since I don’t think anything will make you change your mind. To each his own then I guess. No point starting an argument over a normal lol


Chain into - e.g. cr.lp xx st.lp xx - the can be kara cancelled into specials. It doesn’t give any added range, but it does give you more frame advantage to use tenshin more safely.