Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



I’ve got some questions about his divekick as a footsie tool.

  1. Is divekick to ever a string, like when the divekick is blocked at their ankles?
  2. How do you effectively use it as a footsie tool, ie: neutral jumping, fake divekicks etc.?

I’m really struggling trying to incoroporate its use as a footsie tool into my game.

  1. With a deep dive kick (hitting ankles or lower) Yes. But usually you’ll be around +3 or 4, so it’s recommended to use cr.lp instead to be on the safe side.

  2. Now for using it as a footsie tool. You first have to establish a ground game, otherwise the opponent knows you will only dive kick/jump, and focus their reactions on your jumps. You’re going to have to mix up your approach. To remain unpredictable mixup your opponent with neutral jumps, walking forward and blocking/poking, or setting up a dive kick/fake dive kick with blockstrings.

Also learn to mixup your dive kick timing, from early to delayed.


I’m having a lot of trouble linking into from jabs. Is there any particular reason it’s so hard?


I see that hardocan wanted to end it but I’m just going to say this quickly. I think Yun’s far MP is one of the best normals in the game game and Akuma’s far HK is also really good, but not quite as good since so many characters can duck under the 2nd hit. Making it a move that you just don’t use from certain ranges against certain characters. This is unlike Yun’s far MP which is a great normal for it’s optimal range, great reach, moves him forward, hits low, starts up pretty fast, lots of active frames, and so on.


Bro it’s no use we even try to mention what makes yun so good to him but he still refuse to listen.

How can a single button which can/has:

  1. such a great range
  2. move yun forward
  3. most used in counter poke which lead to the most optimal damage
  4. can be used as part of a frame trap
  5. can be used as an O.S
  6. can anti air
  7. hits low
    8 ) lots of active frame

not be good enough?

Maybe there are some other auto “I WIn” button in the game which I have not found out yet

For a “SINGLE” button to be able to do all of that in my opinion it’s freaking godlike


Am I canceling the Like after they block it? Or should the St.Lk not even come out?


Man I give up. If you guys think is so good that it’s godlike and one of the best normals in the game then whatever.


Agree to disagree, no bad blood.


Yea bro no bad blood. I actually did read some of your previous post n I could tell that u are quite insightful. Just that maybe there’s some aspect of yun that you are not familiar with yet



The input is, crlk/cr.lp/cst.lp, hcb lk~mk. The should not come out since you kara into mk tenshin.

If you do it right, its pretty hard to mash out of it – especially since the blockstun varies b/w the lights. Using ex cmd grab makes the set up pretty much mash proof of done properly, but be careful not to whiff using ex.

Also, if you do your crouching lights as 3lk/lp instead of 1lk/lp you can simply do 214 to get the tenshin. Easier than doing a full hcb.


Its a really good normal. Killerkiwi seems to have a disease where he thinks Yun is average with average toolsets ;p

Kara cmd grb trick is really nasty, to think i was trying to manually time this all those years. Wow!


Haha what past is past. I think we yun players should stand unite together, been such a long time since I saw the yun forum with so many people inside discussing about it. Feels good man~~~

Heck I think I saw less than 10 yun players in my local scene in the entire lifespan of ae2012 ><

And good job sharing the tech about kara cmd grab, finally I can utilise cmd grab more ^^

Cmon guys we need more tech to make yun OP again lol


I’m hoping kazunoko has some crazy tech that he’s been saving for EVO. It’ll be interesting to see how he does, with yun being amazing again I think he can make top 8. I would love to see him & yun in the grand finals.

I have a feeling yun will be everywhere at EVO lol


Haha yea rf too good lol


I love me some kazunoko but i don’t think he’ll win this year… don’t get me wrong—he’s the one person i want to see win.
But he’s too reckless against players like daigo who can blow recklessness up

Go kazunoko~~!


I think Kaz will make top 8. Yun buffs plus he has been playing well recently.

I don’t think Yun will be everywhere since the game hasn’t been out long enough for people to get him to evo standard. If the game gives unpatched I can definitely see it next year though


That depends if he has a good run through brackets. If he gets matched up against a good sagat or gief…

But here’s hoping he does and with solid play. Not the Yolo shenanigans he loves to do.


he’s good against gief/sagat players brah. He constantly plays against the best sagat in the world lol

SnakeEyez is a different kind of gief though who could definitely cause him problems heh


kaz is so nuts im curious to see how he does in a “first to 2” tourney. his play is great for longer sets but I wont be surprised if he gets upset


I’m hoping that infiltration can win it. But anyway hope that kazunoko can put up a good performance ^^


I didn’t even see him on stream and he’s out :frowning: I don’t think they streamed any of his games. I know his games vs ryan hart, justin wong and momochi were off stream but I don’t remember seeing any of his pool matches on stream either, same goes for hsien chang.

Here’s some off stream games from chang vs MMG G Dragon and Dieminion. Videos from air’s youtube.