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2 Yuns in the top 16. Not bad. Very surprised to see Gief in the top 8 as well as Sagat. This is truly a very interesting Evo. I expected a Fei Long but, 2 of them…


This TOP 8. That whole discussion of Yun being at a tier of his own’s not really sharp haha xD


I don’t think yun failing to make it to top 8 has any impact on his tier status. I still believe he’s the best and so do many others, but hopefully if this slightly underwhelming EVO turnout goes to show anything it’s that yun is not an easy win character at all like some people seem to think.

I’m torn between bonchan and snakeyez now. I don’t mind who wins because everyone in top 8 has played excellently and deserves it but I’d prefer it if it was one of those two. Can’t wait!


Aye, I think that should count to not engage much hostilities towards the character, as in nerfs. Oh, and there were many ‘hopes’ that EVO would be flooded with Yun for the ‘ez win’. He’s anything but easy, like you said.

I’m rooting for Bonchan, playing with Sagat this whole time no matter what. I’m not American, from Europe, but Bonchan is the one I like the most. Snake’s super scary…that match vs Xian was a super match to watch and enjoy. Can’t wait for tomorrow.


Wow wow you guys see this?

“Combofiend says Capcom is aware of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s balance issues, specifically mentioning Yun, Seth, and Dee Jay.”

So I guess we can expect seth & dee jay buffs along with yun nerfs…


Aye, I’ve seen it and to be honest, I’m not worried.


I wish I could agree but this is capcom. Some of the most random nerfs and buffs have been in this version. I’m curious to see what they’ll do, hopefully it’ll be just a nerf on red focus damage + stun and nothing that hurts the core character, but you know capcom…

“We’ve heard the complaints and concerns about Yun’s exceptional use of our red focus mechanic and in an attempt to balance this we have nerfed his divekick and genei jin damage”


Lol what? Genei jin Nerf? Nah I’d be more afraid if they took away our juggle after grounded ultra. Just make shoulder unable to be fadc’d. I don’t need red focus.


I was mocking capcom lol, changing random crap instead of fixing the actual issue a character has.

Unable to be FADC’d? never thought about that, that’s a good idea.


Only nerfs yun needs is the shoulder being unable to be fadc’d and ex lunge punch reverted to ae2012. Everything else is fine as it is.

Although I would like to see TC4 returned to its former glory… Or at least a little bit safer.


So he won’t be able to red focus from his shoulder? Cool, taking away stuff is always the right answer to balance characters.


Tell me that isn’t the best answer to eliminate all this yun hate. He doesn’t even need red focus.

You have any better ideas?

Plus. He already has everything to fight top tier. He doesn’t need that mechanic.


Hi, I am practically new to street fighter and i would like to know where do i begin so i can learn about Yun and USF4.Anyone help plz? Thank You!


I don’t think you can take away FADC without removing the ability to Super cancel. It would be a huge nerf. I know there are moves which can’t be Super cancelled and can be FADCed (like Yun’s Lunges) but I can’t think of any that are the other way around.

IMO the best way to handle red focus (and change Yun) is -

LP Shoulder stun reduced by 100
EX Palm stun reduced by 50
Allow TC5 from fst.LP and revert the damage from 20+20+32 to 20+30+40
Fix TC1 (faster start up into HP? Bigger hit box on j.LP would probably be stupid considering how long the thing is active)
MK Kicks stun increased by 50 on the second hit


The damage needs a nerf too. Yuns comeback potential is borderline unfair with red focus. I see kazunoko about to lose all the time and then all of a sudden a far with 3 bars leads him to a massive damage ultra combo that steals the round unfairly.



Check out the yun guide by dafeetlee on this forum. Also good (a bit outdated though.) Yun Tutorial by xian on YouTube.

And a lot of super helpful info here in this thread on how to approach or play the neutral game as yun. This entire forum is filled with everything you could possibly want to know about yun.

Its a bit of a chore but I would recommend reading through all the posts here, the yun matchup thread, and even watching most of the videos on the video thread to see how top yun players use the techniques you might read here.


Hey, I know Yun stomps Chun pretty bad. But can anyone tell me any specific tech Yun uses in this matchup against her? For example, how to know if a dive kick will cross her up?


Look up Fentamu vs Mago on youtube. There’s a very long set where Mago plays Chun.
He might not be the best Chun player, but Fentyamu’s gameplan and setups are still good to take note of.


Moving onto Rufus. This character is gonna be dead/q


What do you do against opponents that spam neutral jump? especially in the corner as upkicks keeps getting stuffed