Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



React and late light up kicks. And if you like challenging the opponent, jump with them and neutral fierce punch/kick. At the right distance you can ultra as well. Just remember yun takes a slight step forward when he ultras.


Starting to get that feeling myself. I wish they’d just leave the game alone for once.


Delay your upkick timing or delay and crouch buffer. short upkick is incredibly good at blowing up neutral jumpers, even more so in corner.


I don’t think they will kill Yun, but might revert his ex lunge punch and nerf his command grab ranges again (and possibly reduce his stun). I mean someone at Capcom Japan must not want him dead seeing his console form was buffed. I think if they rebalance again they should not nerf Yun (or revert him back to his AE 2012 state), and just buff all the other characters/reverse some nerfs. And like others have said I’m kind of sick of the “waiting for the real real version so I know if they killed my character or not.”


hmm I play guy yun hugo and alittle of yang/poison.This hate as a whole is from players who don’t play yun and won’t try to find ways around him.The thing is yun has a dive and a command grab his character design is unfair to players/characters that block alot.

The only way to stop the crying is stun/damage nerf to heavy shoulder,heavy lunge punch and EX palm.To me this would work but also not be fair to yun if they didn’t give more health or buff his dive kicks in exchange.Yes his does have alot of tools but can’t make many mistakes.

Do you agree? lower damage for safer options or more health?


But because of his low health he needs the damage. With Yun it’s kill fast or be killed fast. The red focus shit is annoying.


Man. I rather them make Yun Red Focus. Mediocre in terms of damage, but keep it’s stun. That way it’ll give an interesting dynamic to Yun. Red Focus for stun, or GJ for damage

I’m just throwing ideas out there.


i think a real likely nerf is going to be ex lunge -1 on block and nerf his red focus game somehow (no more touch of death sequence for example, less stun/damage on ex palm or something)


This. This I like.


MP Palm and HP Palm are identical, yes?

All versions of the divekick have the same grounded recovery, right?


Yun feels less fun and so braindead in ultra due to red focus :confused: I catch myself in games mindlessly buffering smp into lp shoulder just incase it connects and i can land easy mode combo into death. If Capcom ever decide to patch Yun I hope they keep his ae 2012 gameplay and ultra buffs but make shoulder no longer red focus cancel-able.

Also thanks for the anti-neutral jumping advice guys


Is Yun’s the same as Yang’s?


How about making weaker characters stronger and leaving the strong ones as they are? I like Yun where he is right now. He’s strong but not too good. When comparing all #1 characters against the rest of the cast, he’s probably the weakest #1 among them all(if he’s considered the best). If Yun is the best character in this game then I guess Capcom did a good job of balance then because I’m not afraid of him like how I was afraid Vanilla Sagat, AE Yun, or even AE 2012 Cammy. Basically we don’t need to make everybody weaker and weaker when they’ve already been weakened over and over throughout the many versions of this game.

If anything were going to be changed about Yun I’d just change the EX lunge from +1 back to -1 and call it a day.


Why do I see/read people using cr.MP tech throw os? From my understanding there are more risks to be thrown in the middle of the startup with a cr.MP.
If your opponent is standing bc he faked a throw you won’t open the guard. Against characters like Rufus/Yun/Yang it acts as an anti dive OS too so I see why you would use it. Same goes for matchs ups like rose where the cr.LK would lose to cl.MK and such.
It’s only for the confirm when it hits/advantage in guard then ?

Another one is why players are doing Dive, cr.LP, s.LP2, s.MP. Why not cr.LP, s.LP, s.MP or cr.LP, cr.LK, s.LP, s.MP. Asides for the matchs ups where cr.LP, s.LP2, s.MP will whiff, you have plenty of time for confirm with dive + cr.LP, s.LP.

Also where can I find good write ups on match up informations? The thread on this forum front page has been emptied, or so it seems. Since I don’t mind stale informations I went through all the posts but a lot of match ups are missing. Especially some informations that may seem obvious for seasoned players such as how to punish some moves.

Any tips on how to do reversals with specials in this game? I have a really hard time to understand the windows in which I can buffer. Or when moves are ended. Same goes for normals, I’m bad at mashing so I get consistently beaten even though I’m + with my cr.LP. I can’t grasp when I should push buttons. Seems like a lot of animations are still going on even though I recovered (Especially against Rose I guess ?), making punitions a mess.


On crouching Rose, (2x lights,, won’t combo. The s.lp’s are a true blockstring. Also, you can almost always follow up the jabby version with the hk upkicks instead of the mk ones. Some of it probably is just laziness and a lack of optimization.

Just practice specific timings. Blockstun in this game can feel completely arbitrary, because it basically is compared to some games.

To abuse the reversal window, try to hit your reversal early rather than late.

The buffer window for cancels is the active frames for the normal you’re cancelling. Hitstop makes this small window easy to buffer during. Far mp is easy to cancel because of its high number of active frames.

The only reliable move to frame trap after a blocked cr.lp is another light move. cr.lp has a 3 frame gap even if executed perfectly, and people can normal throw you out of that gap.


Are there any more Yun players i should keep an eye out for, i know a few but maybe i’m missing some.
Kazunoko, Taiga, Fentamu, Hsien, Julio.


I’d add Cuongster to the list if you can find vids on him.

How many mixups are you guys getting from your oki stuffs?

My main ender is mk upkicks if I can help it. You get stupid stuff after it.


Kaiser from Singapore is good as well… though i have no idea if he’s even still playing anymore.


What’s Yun’s best way of comboing off a Focus crumple? Also, what is his best Genei Jin combo?


If you have meter, EX Palm -> LP Shoulder -> HP Rush Punch is your best combo. If you don’t, you can either do delayed MP Shoulder -> HP rush punch, or x2 -> xx upkicks.

Edit: In the corner you have two more options. You can MP/HP Palm -> -> divekick reset with lp shoulder for a crossup, or you can do Palm -> -> lp Rush for a bit more damage. If you get a stun in the corner, you can do FA3 -> backdash -> slightly delayed Palm -> lp Shoulder -> HP Rush punch. It does a lot of damage. xx lp shoulder, EX Red Focus Attack, Dash forwards, EX Palm, LP Shoulder, HP Rush Punch.

Don’t use Genei Jin.