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His best genei jin combos involve the corner and being able to kara palm consistently… which isn’t really worth it anymore (i’ve never seen it worth it at all really, but i also can’t do it consistently).

Basically he has 2 viable uses for genei jin, otherwise you’ll want to use RFC instead.*

  1. follow up after an anti-air light upkicks, juggle with or (i usually do as it feels like it gives a little more consistency) into whatever combo/reset
  2. landing a “grounded” U1 in the corner… follow up with light shoulder juggle xx genei jin combo… which leads to 700+ damage.

*go for these if you know the combo will kill them


fst.MP/cr.MK xx LP Shoulder xx Super, U1, finish GJ combo is still relevant for closing games. 520 - 550 depending on how close you are to the corner.


cr.MK xx LP Shoulder xx RF1, U1, HP Lunge - 464
cr.MK xx LP Shoulder xx RF1, U1, LP Shoulder, HP Lunge - 491
cr.MK xx LP Shoulder xx RF1, backdash, EX Palm, U1, HP Lunge - 508


Hi all.

I just wanted a bit of help. Basically I have a Day 1 Yun right now but I’m pretty solid at the game. I can do pretty much all his combos but there’s one thing that’s absolutely killing me. When I’m on P2 side I go for a shoulder and fucking Genei Jin keeps coming out. It’s cost me so many rounds/games. I know this so I consciously try to use as much meter as I can but he builds super so quick lol. I’ve been in training mode for ages trying to get my hands to not do a super shortcut (I don’t even know how it comes out, input display doesn’t resemble anything close to a super). It’s only Player 2 side too.
Finally, what is the deal with the shoulder. Why does it hit sometimes and sometimes not? Is it the range or am I not cancelling quick enough? For example Lvl 3 focus 2x shoulder doesn’t hit all the time for me.

Thanks for reading, all help is appreciated!


Use the :df: :d: :df: shortcut for the shoulder and you won’t get Genei Jin ever.

Yun’s has a lot of active frames. You can cancel a normal into a special any time during active frames. xx lp Shoulder barely combos. If you cancel on the later active frames, then the won’t combo into the shoulder.

Also, you should basically never do FA3 -> x2 -> xx shoulder. First of all, Yun has really good focus crumple combos that aren’t the links. Secondly, you should be cancelling into upkicks for the knockdown if you do the combo. xx lp Shoulder is only useful for being safer and hit-confirming.


Thank you very much! This has helped me a ton. I’m finally closing out games now. No more Genei Jin lol. I didn’t realise how fun Yun was to play


Hey there guys,
I’ve seen videos of people linking 2 after the command grab, but I can’t get it to work. I can pull them off without the flip grab and tried the same timing, but it didn’t help. Is it character specific?



Off the top of my head, it works on Cammy, Rufus, Balrog, and the grapplers. I know there’s a list somewhere, try googling it.


Thanks, Kikui! I’ll try it on them!


Also works on Deejay - not that anyone actually picks him.


Is there anything I can follow up with after the cross-up shoulder?


If you time it right you can get a full combo from low jab after crossup lp shoulder


The main hit confirm/punish I use are:
-cr. LP, cr. LP, st. LP, st. MPxxspecial (cr. LK if I want to start with a low)
-cr. MP, cr. MP, st. MPxxspecial

I’ve seen more complicated confirms/punishes, but I can hit the above 95% of the time, and everything else feels weird to me. Should I be worried about losing out on some damage/meter if I’m comfortable with the above?


U are good to go. Just need to know when to end with lunge punch/upkick


Hey guys, this has probably been brought up before, but I haven’t gone trough the whole Q/A and general discussion topics yet (I’m working on it tho), so please excuse me if it has.

As I was fishing for a counter hit after an overhead, I was trying out and cr.lp. Considering the 2 frame advantage Yun has on hit with his senpukyaku overhead, I figured if the guy presses a button, Yun’s 3 frame cr.lp and 5 frame will come out faster than my opponent’s normal. I was surprised when the crouching jab and short comboed after the overhead.

I got really confused cuz according the frame data I got, Yun’s overhead is +2 on hit. I don’t understand how it connects and how I can get it to combo every time.

I uploaded two clips to YouTube:

Thanks in advance, guys!


Yun’s overhead has a unique hitbox, it starts up high then goes lower. The later active frames can hit someone doing a, but the early ones can’t. So you’re basically doing a meaty overhead at neutral.


Hey Kikui thanks again!, but I still don’t understand how I can get enough frame advantage to combo a 3 frame hit or even a 5 frame hit.


Just google how meaty attacks work and you’ll see the data.


Ok I get it now. Thanks (:
Follow-up question…

Does anybody know a good way to time the meaty overhead? Maybe whiffing some normals, jumping and stuff, after a fwd throw, lunge punch or upkicks?


Got it!
I’ll post it here if anyone else is interested.


[quote=“bronka, post:1399, topic:116326”]

Got it!
I’ll post it here if anyone else is interested.


Im just curious… how many of those were frame perfect? [No gaps between inputs]

Im gonna mess with it in a bit im just curious if you know if it is possible to input the frame kills too fast. thanks