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The backthrow -> forward dash had 1 extra frame when I tested.


I keep randomly coming out of the command grab too far away to connect a I can’t figure out why. What am I doing to cause this?


99/100 times you’re just pressing too late. Which character are you trying to do it on?


Happens with Ryu, Guy, Dan and Dee Jay off the top of my head. I thought it may be the timing, but I tested it by waiting a few seconds and the difference in distance is clearly noticeable. Sometimes I’m close enough to hit and sometimes I’m not. As far as I can tell, I’m doing it exactly the same.


Definitely sounds weird. Are you able to make a video?


How much of Xians tutorial is still relevent


Here’s the video.

In the process of recording, I noticed that the opponent sometimes reels away instead of towards me after the command grab. This seems to be the reason for the difference in distance. What could be causing this? Some crossup issue?

Edit: After changing a graphical setting, I can no longer replicate this problem. It also seems to have fixed the issue I was having where the dummy could block a red focus attack after lp shoulder. Strangeness.


This can happen if A)You let go of the focus a frame late or B)You do it on a character whose hitbox doesn’t let it combo. Crouching Rose does not let xx lp Should xx EX Red Focus combo, while I think El Fuerte stops it from comboing on standing.


That makes sense if inputs(or a lack thereof) are being dropped. I still can’t get my head around the grab, though. I think that may have been a proper bug.


I miss a lot of ultras/lunge punches after ex upkicks in the left corner. Any tips on how to distinguish when to do a followup?


I usually do the input just before I land, then press the punch(es). I used to miss the Ultra a lot online, but online is crap. I still do when that dumb “Waiting for player…” appears, yay.


Just use the same timing.

Although there are occasional problems with the lp lunge whiffing over them in the corner, but that’s not what you asked.


By missing I mean it whiffing so that I’m open for punish in the left corner


ex upkicks to U1 in the corner is… very spacing specific. If you’re very close you’ll have to delay it a bit, if you’re far from the corner but still in range you can do it earlier etc.

You basically need to go back to training mode and play around with the spacing to get use to it.


I’m always getting thrown/miss my OS on wakeups because I miss the timing for doing cr.LK OS Lunge. Is there anyway to get an automatic setup for it? If yes after which knockdown, do you know a video, or better a sheet cheat to calcul it (Even though I don’t know if it’s really feasible after the lunges because depending on the hitting frame you’re never gonna time it the same way…).

Or just a way to train it, in matchs the situations are so different, and the timing so tight (hello 2f active normals) that I can’t see a way to do it reliably.


I used to have a similar problem when I first started out with Yun because some characters wakeup at different times to others. My only advice would be to practice it in training against a dummy mashing grab. In my opinion it becomes intuitive eventually.

Keep in mind that the OS doesn’t work against Vega (and Chun I think). Also it’s not advisable against Balrog too much due to his strange wakeup and the fact that standing jab pushes him out of range for grabs/other chainable normals.


Anyone bother trying his cross up mk?


( focus crumble > dash forward > ) > lk upkick > slight step forward > jump mk

you wanna upkick as soon as you recover from if you land in front, take a larger step. if that doesn’t work, you need to upkick earlier. (unless, of course, you wanna land in front.)

works on ryu, ken, e.ryu, akuma, gouken, gief, makoto, fei, adon, rose, dan, elena, and rolento. hits if they block thinking it’ll land in front, whiffs otherwise.


Oh really? Thanks dood. Haven’t been able to lab lately. A lot better than trying to guess the crossup lol.


(FA crumple > dash forward >) > lk upkicks > slight step > > bnb

if no quick rise:
(FA crumple > dash forward >) > lk upkicks > slight step > > hold forward jump > lk dive kick > bnb

situations shown:
quick rise:
1 - blocking thinking non cross up (gets hit cross up)
2 - blocking thinking cross up (whiffs)
3 - dp on wake up (both mk and dp whiff)
non quick rise:
4 - block thinking non cross up (gets hit)
5 - same as 4 (i dun goofed) (:23 - :29 in timer)
6 - block thinking cross up (blocked)
7 - dp on wake up (trades)
8 - i dun goofed (8 and 9 are :40-:59 in video time)
9 - goofed again

and now the best for last:
10 - quick rise into jab spam beats this set up.

this set up works on ryu, ken, e.ryu, akuma, fei, adon, rose, dan and elena (except cross up dive kick will just whiff on elena)

(FA crumple > dash forward >) > lk upkicks > slight step > > bnb
^ will work on gouken, gief, makoto and rolento but i can’t get the cross up dive kick to work on them and the timing for the or upkicks is a bit different than the other chars listed above.

so probably not the most useful thing since it gets beaten out by jabs but was a fun lab session nonetheless.

nerf jabs