Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



At what point is it worth it to exclusively play Yun? I’m getting back to SF after a long break (3 years).



He’s the character with the least bad matchups in the game, so if you’re not going to play him exclusively, you probably won’t play ANY character exclusively.


Either it’s me, or it doesn’t work with red focus.

Also I’m giving Ryu a go as a secondary because it was suggested… but if you can handle Gief, I don’t think there’s any need to learn someone else.


The only downside to learning Yun is by the time you learn him properly he will be nerfed in the next update


Why would you say that? Now I feel bad. :frowning:

I played him for 6-8 months in AE2012, but then I had a character crisis going on. Better learn Poison/Zangief, Japan saying she’s top 5 and everyone disagreeing. #SecretTopTiers


Hey Guys I’m having a prob with Adon, if I hit him with xx lp shoulder ex rfa, ex palm, lp shoulder, hp lunge I can’t hit the lunge juggle. Without red focus, just ex palm the juggle is fine. Is Adon falling different? Maybe faster than the rest of the cast…

I absolutely love this punish for max stun (702) and dmg (421) but I keep wondering on who else it might whiff, I saw the post above red focus whiffing on Rose and Elf. Is this after aswell?

And my final question, do you have tips for the timing on lp shoulder juggle? I get this down on big hurt boxes like Sagat and sometimes weird ones. I try to use the jumpcancel of inputting the shoulder with tiger knee.


FYI, this part is impossible. You can’t do jump cancels off as there are no pre-jump frames.


Double tap the shoulder, the combo on some characters is a 1 frame link. on those characters that require 1 frame link I won’t bother using that combo after red focus and will go for medium shoulder > H.lunge


How do I break Focus with Yun’s air TC? The second attack never comes out if I try to break a FA. When they block it comes out naturally. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.



I believe some focus attacks decrease the height of the character, nothing to back this up though, so the 2nd hit of the TC doesnt come out :frowning: I usually try to use it mainly on larger character where even if they’ll focus it’ll hit.
Honestly it is something that has been frustrating me since the beginning.


In addition to what LockM said, you can just do late -> lk dp when you land to break focus.


So I’m new to SF and starting to learn frame data and such. I apologise if it’s been asked before, but what is the reason behind why people call Yuns ultra 2 bad? (or at least worse than ultra 1). And even if it is worse (from what I know 1 can only combo), is it only situational to picking vs shotos or is there no point at all? From what I’ve played around with, it seems great when spacing and getting a punish on shotos though I would have no idea how to use ultra 1 in such a scenario outside of getting closer through jump timings. Thanks.


Ultra 2 is mostly used for fireball punishes and enders for Genei from what I’ve seen. It’s not bad in a sense, but you get more out of Ultra 1 and Yun doesn’t have problems with fireballs really and truly.

The main reason for Ultra 1 is for damage output. You lose a lot of damage from using Ultra 2. The combo compatibility is too good not to use it. Any EX Upkicks in the corner is free damage. Any RF equals free damage plus corner.

You can also use it as an anti air. Versus characters with floaty jumps it’s really good.

Those are just some applications though.


Yun doesn’t need U2 to punish fireballs because he has EX Shoulder. U1 allows for more damage because it can be combo’d from. You can combo into U1 from EX DP in corner, far hk/palm in corner, xx lp shoulder xx EX Red Focus, EX Palm, and combos that intentionally whiff the second hit of lk DP so you can combo into U1.


That makes a lot of sense. Thank you both!


After combo ender mp Lunge Punch I use(dash) meaty nothing after dash) but if no tech I (dash) again meaty palm/fake palm(baits 3 frame reversals if done as fast has possible)/nothing is this a good pressure tactic? Note:for cammy decapre sagat you can use meaty


With red focus, is there much use for super anymore?


I might be in the minority in this, but I still use super very often.

The two main examples I would give is vs. grapplers and for anti air/counter hit lk dp. Haven’t posted the examples yet (maybe I’ll do it today after work), but from a lk dp AA, you can get around 470ish from a proper route. Also, super, U1 does more damage than red focus, U1 in most cases I believe.

With grapplers chances are very slim that you are going to stun them. So I usually try and build meter in the event I get a whiff punish opportunity. That way, they eat a good bit of damage for a bad whiff, and then since you’d be a bit more mobile than they are, you can hit and run a bit better. I’ve also thought about using super more vs characters with normal that have good middle hitboxes which also give Yun trouble. But then, with those characters, you really don’t need to because you can just comeback with two combos on most occasions.


I’m also a yun that still prefers super. Mainly because I hate how red focus is so cheap.
Also agreeing with CoosCoos about the antiair dp super juggle. Its too good not to use.

Plus you can get a good meaty dive kick setup/reset with genei jin. And it does just a little more damage than red focus but in those close games it helps immensely.

Usually I use super against characters with 1000+ stun and the lower stun chars, i tend to stick with red focus.


Noob question here but what is the go-to anti-air for Yun? I’ve read everywhere that its lk upkicks but i find it so lackluster and I miss alot of times. I tend to do better with my hk upkicks but the start-up is too long.