Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



You’re doing the lk upkicks too quickly, you have to do them deep. If you do them later, they’re one of the best anti-airs in the game.

EX upkicks will work even if you do them early. His best normals as anti-air are far/close mk and


I see. Thanks for the help!! Greatly appreciate it.


Also cr.hp for Divekicks. Damage is ass but it’s great for swatting people out of it.


Is S.MK JC Divekick, LP Shoulder crossup char specific? Or is this clean on everyone?

Also what do you guys like doing against a very obvious wake up back dash? I’m not near a setup right now or nothing but i’d imagine MP Shoulder, HP Lunge would work?


I haven’t actually played Yun vs everyone, but I think it is. At least on every character I’ve faced. I tend to rinse and repeat it on people who just take it. I do get the odd time where someone will mash dp/spd/ultra, but the average player on XBL it seems free crossup or not.


cr.lp OS lp lunge or cr.lp OS ultra one for people who backdash on wakeup.


Hey guys what are you doing in answer to delay tech? I’ve been thinking of stuff like meaty overhead etc etc. Just wanted to know if there was anyone more experienced with him than I am that has any ideas. I’ve converted and really want to stick with him.


“Oh he delayed tech? I’m just going to do another crossup divekick on reaction, because Yun is fair like that.”


2 quick questions:

  1. What am I supposed to do when people just keep neutral jumping my divekicks? Maybe I was being too obvious with my attacksbut what if they just stand there and wait to react to what I do? I feel like I have to divekick to get in which ends up in this scenario where they keep neutral jumping my kicks and punishing.

  2. What are Yun’s best wake-up options? HK upkick is not a very good reversal and would be a gamble. I can’t keep backdashing or else I’ll be too predictable.

  1. Change your method of getting in. Walk up dp, walk up, walk up ultra. Jump air to air. If they are waiting and reacting to it, it means you’re either doing them from full screen or refusing to play the ground game. You have to establish a ground game before you go heavy with the dive kick. Otherwise you’re gonna get punished every time.

  2. HK dp got nerfed so if they grab/meaty you on wakeup you’re gonna get stuffed. Your only options are tech/focus backdash/ex dp/backdash/lk dp (doesn’t hit crouching)/ultra.

I think I covered everything there.


HK DP will trade at worst with meaties, but gets beaten by throws. It shouldn’t be stuffed in most situations.


Why is Yun’s st. short considered so good? I haven’t really used it all too much myself. How should I be utilizing it?


You can buffer it into lp lunge to whiff punish a bunch of stuff, giving Yun a real threat at footsies range (whiff punish into knockdown). The threat of this can be used to make your opponent respect your ground game, which opens up dive kicks and jump ins.

It’s also really good in the corner in combination with st.rh to blow up lows/crouch tech.


its one of his best pokes. you can toss it out and you’re likely safe. Furthermore you can cancel it into lp lunge for a wiff punish or lp shoulder vs timid opponents.

it works as a wiff punish and a counter poke vs certain chars and the risk is minimal.

Its not as easy to use as st mp/cr mk xx lp shoulder but it is so much better vs people that know how to deal with normal xx shoulder spam.

Yo can toss that shit out all day and outside of a read you wont be punished. if it clips them then you get a lp lunge setup.

When you get used to using it in footsies it is amazing.


Just a quick question. What’s the general thoughts on yun bad match ups. I’ve been practicing him since Canada cup but haven’t had much actual play time due to work and family. I’ve heard dudley isn’t fun and I imagine the other boxer isn’t either. How about geif? Or juri? Figure if I’m going to dive into this character I might as well tackle his bad match ups first. Gonna look through the threads but was wondering if there is a general opinion after ultras release.


I don’t know about BAD however it’s all relative to the Yun player IMO but matchups that are ‘troublesome’ :-

  • Sagat
  • Hawk
  • Gief
  • Balrog
  • Fei
  • Poison
  • Guile
  • Viper

(Due to popular opinion)

  • Juri
  • Dudley
    (I think they’re both even but oh well)

LOL at this but on a good day when he’s on point

  • Bison

Only probably 10/11 characters that are either fair fights, a gigantic mawl fest or lopsided.

Now these are matchups where you need to actually know what you’re doing and you can’t really ‘auto pilot’ or there isn’t a set game plan aka 1 touch kill vs these characters because either they have a HUGE comeback potential, annoying pokes or hard to pin down.
Those 3 things, I feel Yun really hates.

Once a few of these ‘more brain testing matchups’ above are learnt? Some actually turn out to just be more fairer matches (more so Juri, Dudley, Guile, Fei, if you can’t fight them it’s reeeeeeally apparent and you get blown up lol or Bison which ends up being in your favour in the end) and outside of these there isn’t much that stops him neither.

I know exactly how work and family feels, they made me MIA for 2-3 years but congrats on being back.


Oh and forgot due to ambiguity

  • Decapre

These are matches where you should learn ‘tech’, strings and combos/situations as they actually vary on every single one of them


Lve it when a Guile is knocked down, then it’s payback time.


Thanks for the response rmz. I’ll be working on those for sure then. Idk how many people would consider it a simple question but I’ll ask here. What exactly is the height restriction to his dive kick? On that note would anyone have the absolute fastest he can get up to it and back to the ground? This is all framewise.


Quick question, what makes Yun “broken” as some people say? I’ve been using Yun for maybe 1-2 months now and I think Yun is difficult to use. If I get comboed even once, I lose like half my health -_-. And also in the pro scene, there’s not that many prevalent Yun players that are at the top. Like look at Capcom Cup 2014, there were no Yun players :pensive: