Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



Safe jumps are for a variety of reasons.

  • safe apply pressure (deadly chip guaranteed no escape situations)
  • test your opponents knowledge of character
  • bait DP’s
  • slow down the game
  • use the situation to your advantage by changing something small about it once your opponent clocks on

Meaty cr MP

  • +on block
  • timed well can’t be thrown (throws beat normal Tenshin now)
  • beats someone mashing cr LP and fast normals (beats normal tenshin)

Yes meaty MP does get beat by wake up DP but it beats them mashing throw, tenshin beats them doing nothing, you doing nothing beats them DP’n it’s just a big circle of options.


Oh and cr MP keeps them grounded if they’re holding UP trying to escape from a command throw


What is Yun’s palm on block? Shory Wiki puts it at +1 and EHubs puts it at +6.
Yet at a London Tourny a few weeks back, I did a palm on chun-li and got punished with super.


Loooool I remember when that happened to you and I laughed my head off.
Allegedly +1…
You were probably:-

  • holding a direction that wasn’t back before the flash
  • Chun li’s super did that glitchy thing I told you about before where it just hits because it wants to


Still salty even now -_-

If you’re holding forward before the flash, does the Super hit no matter what?
I was under the impression that because it was 1+1 (1 frame to activate, 1 frame to hit) that you could just hold back after the flash and still block.
As opposed to Zangief’s Ultra 1 or T-Hawk’s which are 1+0 and unavoidable after the flash.


Chun’s super is basically 1 frame. She can punish block lk scissor kicks from Bison (-1)


I went into training and can confirm that you can block after the flash from Chun Li’s super.

Also Yun’s Palm is -2 on Block at the very least (unless done meaty).


It is probably the people i played when i picked up Yun in the beginning but until recently i didn’t have a particular “problem”.
After a divekick, even the ones that hit very low, people will uppercut straight away. I though i could bait them by doing an immediate backdash if i believe the divekick is too high but i get caught eitherway. Atleast By Ken and Seth. Other option is simply blocking and punish their raw DP or DP fadc, though i’m not a fan of this as they can also do cr.lp anti their blockstring and throw mixups.

Honestly i should just go into training myself but i can’t test it for a while. Does divekick backdash only work against select characters and different version dp’s?
Or am i doing something wrong and should it work against everyone.


Ken and Seth DP’s especially you actually have to either delay the backdash or avoid it all together.

Best to practice is by setting a record on blocked ex lunge and recording a backdash that avoids Ryu’s uppercut and you’ll see how it doesn’t affect Seth/Ken especially (Seth’s ex one) much or also just merely set a recording for backdashing on wakeup to first see the difference then practice.

They are completely different from Sagat, Ryu, Dan etc.


For what reason do Yun players use TC5? Just for the sake of a different string?


TC5 into LP shoulder is a true block string and, despite the meter nerf in 1.04, it still builds pretty good bar on block.


What decides that ex palm, lp.shoulder. hp.lunge connects? The shoulder or lunge aren’t connecting at times, is it only the stage position?


Pretty much. If you’re in the corner or too close to the corner, it will probably fail.


Is the LP lunge punch after a connected s.HK in the corner possible in every situation? How about U1? I can’t seem to get them consistently.


What do you do vs Focus Attacks? I’m getting destroyed by them with no quick armor breakers.

I used to play Fei Long and I could just DP an anti-air focus attack or back dash and rekka punish ground ones. As Yun I have no answer to people using FA vs my Dive kicks, or even just randomly tapping focus in the ground game.


Lunge punch beats ground focus as it breaks armor and will catch FA back dash bait if you’re quick enough.

As for getting dive kicks focused, you have to be smarter. Dive kick has a lot of landing recovery so you have to discourage people from focusing by using TC1, empty jump throw, jump attack into EX upkicks etc.


Need to just be like a dash back distance away from your opponent for all of the above to always connect


Thanks! I realized that it can’t be too far or too close, but didn’t know what the optimal range was


:slight_smile: anytime for the #Yunarmy
That’s why you see the autopilot 4-5 string in the corner into St HK or upkicks in corner, dash back to bait wake up DP St HK for some examples…

Happy hunting!


Can you meaty grab Yun’s LK.upkick on wake up? I’m looking at the frame data and it looks like it should be doable, but I can’t seem to land it.