Yun Q&A: Ask simple questions here!



The frame data in some places, sometimes even SRK back in the day did not mention anything about ex Upkicks either…just saying. LK upkick should be switched with MK’s in some areas on a lot of frame data stuff.

But alas no you aren’t throwing LK upkicks.
LK doesn’t hit the toes, so it’s rare if Yun wakes up doing it (in a short set) so meaty and throw game is enough.


Look at the bottom of the Wiki instead of the shitty “at a glance” portion. Yun’s LK DP is airborne on 4f and invincible from 1-5f.


Is there a yun facebook group? if not there should be. i will make one, but for both yun/yang


I spoke with Julio and a few other Yun’s before, someone should make it :#
after dreamhack this weekend and I’m less busy I’ll look into it


To be honest I already have the illuminati whatsapp group


Anyone wants in PM shaddy eyes


I want to make it but I have nobody to invite because all my street fighter friends on facebook dont play yun or yang :confused:

you need to invite 1 person before u can male the group. can someone make it and post it here?


I can make a page if people really want one, but if Ramz has a secret whatsapp group I’m cool with that


So I’m kind of a noob. Ultra was/is my first fighting game I’ve taken seriously and Yun is my main. A few questions:

Why is EX lunge supposedly so good? I understand that it’s supposed to leave you at advantage frame data wise but I always and I mean ALWAYS get punished with a grab. Never see this or rarely see this happen to Kazunoko (saw a match with Julio though where his opponent exploited that all match though and beat him as a result). I typically read that EX lunge is a great other way to get in but I get punished for using it so often I just try to avoid it entirely unless it’s part of a punish or if I’m ending Ultra 1 with it.

Also I know that dive kicks are only safe if they land at about the knee or lower. That being said another thing I’m always getting punished for against better players (or even just those who know the matchup) when I use Light Dive Kick to cross up and opponent. A lot of the time I like to try to cross up light dive kick an opponent off of knocking them down but no matter what I always get grabbed or punished. What am I doing wrong?

Also in general what should I be doing when I knock an opponent down/how do I play the oki game properly with Yun? I get away with using what seems to be like the unsafe crossup divekick on an opponents’ wakeup and sometimes I can get a meaty cr. mp, cr mp, st. mp, upkicks but what else can I do? Especially against player who love to mash DP (against such players I try to use crossup divekick when they wake up but if they block I’m screwed because they grab me or dp)

And this is a more general question because outside of knowing it for the timing of my combos and bnbs (through practice I know what 1,2,3, frames “feel” like in terms of the timing of a button press): how exactly do meaty’s work? Do they stuff wakeup attacks? What’s the real benefit and how do I know if I’m timing them correctly?

Additionally how to you do Yun’s OS where st. mp comes out? I know how to do the lk or lp to lunge punch on an opponent’s backdash (and OS to Ultra) but the timing to for lk or lp to st mp seems different.

Also any general Yun tips would be appreciated. I would say I’m semi-knowledgable about the character but only know as much as watching Kazunoko and Julio have taken me.



I watched my hero, Daigo get wrecked by Kazunoko doing double dive kicks. Daigo would block the first dive kick and then Kazunoko would jump and do a second dive kick and it would cross up. I get hit by this constantly online and if even Daigo can’t block this shit then I am hopeless. Anyway if you cant beatem join em right lol?! How do I do this because Ive been trying and I cant get it to combo when I do the second dive kick that crosses up. People will just grab me or mash dp. Kazunoko was able to combo right after the cross up dive kick. Is there a block string that will put me in the perfect position to abuse this tactic?


You have no idea how informative and incredibly helpful this post was. Fantastic read that really did address everything I wanted to know. Thanks a bunch!

One question from a technique standpoint I do have aside from anything else is what is the proper motion for doing cr. mk>light shoulder>red focus?

Really where I’m having trouble is consistently getting light shoulder to come out after cr. mk. If I have a full bar half the time the shoulder will come out and the other half of the time genei jin activates. I feel like there’s gotta be some sort of trick to the motion from going cr. mk to light shoulder and getting that string to come out consistently. Not only is it inconsistent for me but the way I’m doing it feels just a little weird.


Actually side note, so if I go for a meaty cr. mp on an opponent on their wakeup it should theoretically stuff anything without invincibility right? Like if they just so happened to want to try light shoryuken or heavy with Ryu or something they should get stuffed/hit and it won’t trade?


I’m the guy who’s asking questions about a somewhat dead game in a forum thread where the last post was three years ago.

I’m converting to Yun after playing Rufus for almost 6/7 years. And one of the main things I’m having trouble with is AA’ing. There are different opinions on whether or not Yun’s and are decent AA normals. I know his LK upkicks are widely celebrated, but I guess I’m wondering if any of his buttons have a similar AA effect as say…Rufus’ Or the best AA option is LK upkicks, maybe it just takes some getting used to.