Yun Safe Jump Setup Thread



I saw that there was no post dedicated to safe jump setups, so I decided to set one up. Feel free to add to the list of safe jump setups and I’ll update them accordingly.

A. Safe Jump Setups

  1. After forward throw:
    i) Dash forward twice, st.lp, neutral jump normal attack
    ii) Empty forward jump, forward jump dive kick
    iii) LK DP, forward jump normal attack
    iv) MP Shoulder, forward jump normal attack
    v) Dash forward once, cst.hp, neutral jump normal attack (corner only)

**Note: the normal jump-in attack whiffs, so it’s more of a way to make the person condition to block and then go for a mix up.

  1. After U1:
    i) Forward jump fierce,, neutral jump normal attack
    ii) Forward jump fierce,, forward jump LK dive kick
    iii) Neutral jump fierce, cr.hp, forward jump normal attack (corner only)

  2. Near the end of Genei-Jin:
    i) Sweep, dash forward,, neutral jump normal
    ii) Sweep xx LP Lunge Punch,, LK dive kick at the highest peak of the jump

B. Specifics About the Empty Forward Jump, Forward Jump Dive Kick Safe Jump

This safe jump can cross up on certain characters in the cast (it even beats 3F reversals):

  • Abel: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Adon: LK (corner only), MK, HK (corner only)
  • Akuma: LK, MK (midscreen only)
  • Balrog (Boxer): None
  • Blanka: All dive kicks
  • Cammy: None
  • Chun-Li: LK (corner only), MK, HK (corner only)
  • Cody: LK (corner only), MK, HK (corner only)
  • C. Viper: MK
  • Dan: All dive kicks
  • Dee Jay: MK
  • Dhalsim: LK (corner only), MK, HK (corner only)
  • Dudley: LK (corner only), MK, HK (corner only)
  • E. Honda: LK (corner only), MK, HK [Note: The setup in the corner requires the dive kick to be performed via DB+K]
  • El Fuerte: LK (corner only), MK (midscreen only)
  • Evil Ryu: LK, MK, HK (corner only)
  • Fei Long: LK (corner only), MK
  • Gen: LK, MK
  • Gouken: All dive kicks (corner only)
  • Guile: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Guy: All dive kicks
  • Hakan: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Ibuki: LK, MK, HK (corner only)
  • Juri: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Ken: All dive kicks
  • Makoto: LK, MK, HK (corner only)
  • M. Bison (Dictator): LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Oni: LK, MK
  • Rose: None
  • Rufus: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Ryu: All dive kicks
  • Sagat: None
  • Sakura: LK, MK, HK (corner only)
  • Seth: LK, MK (both corner only)
  • T. Hawk: None
  • Vega (Claw): LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Yang: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Yun: LK (corner only), MK, HK
  • Zangief: MK

Note that the dive kick may hit, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dive kick is safe.


i) I couldn’t get this to work against ken so maybe it only works against slower reversals

ii)This one works pretty good against Ken, LK dive beats his LP/HP/EX DP. MP DP hits you though iirc. Seems like a reliable setup. Also against Guile idk if it’s his wierd hitbox but the LK dive whiffs if he tries to block, and MK dive crosses him up and leaves you kind of at a distance, you may be able to combo afterwards. It makes his flash kick whiff.

iii)I couldn’t get this to work. If you do it airtight like LK upkick on the first frame after throw and jump right after you won’t hit them with the jump attack. It is too soon.

iv) This one work against Ken MP DP. I couldn’t get it to hit Guile though, maybe b/c of his hitbox idk.

I only tried Ken and Guile tonight, I’ll probably test some more later.


i) works on 4f reversals and greater - the timing for this just has to be spot on. Just keep hitting forward to get the dash out as soon as possible, double tap the jab to have it come out as fast as possible, and hold up while you’re double tapping the jab to jump as soon as the recovery frames end.

iii) isn’t meant to actually hit them, but it’s a considerably good setup for the fact that you can block a reversal in general.


this thread is THE SHIT, thanks!



I am stucking with Yun’s safe jump and Option Select.
First I use the safe jump: Forward Throw, MP Shoulder, forward jump LK

During safe jump
1 - If I use Lunge as Option select to anti back dash they can reversal me
2 - If I use HK Up Kick(With 7f Invi to counter reversal) they can back dash

I also tried to use

  • CrLP,CrLK+HK but Yun leg is too short to touch the opponent
  • CrLP, chain with :qcf:LP but it’s too slow and the opponent can block

So in any case I have to guess. Is there any option to cover reversal and back dash at the same time ?

  1. After forward throw:
    iii) LK DP, forward jump normal attack
    iv) MP Shoulder, forward jump normal attack

I guess these 2 setups reuire for LK DP and MP shoulder to be delayed instead of instantly doing them after the throw since the jump in normal will whiff?


The third and fourth safe jumps from fwd. throw don’t work =S
Empty forward jump > forward jump dive kick doesn’t work on a couple of those characters that are listed either. It might be that the timing on the divekick is character specific but perhaps the extra recovery on divekicks has something to do with that.


@Hitenryu - Those setups make the jump-in attacks whiff, so they’re not your typical safe jumps. They’re used more to condition the opponent to block high and then go in for a mix-up.

@Neiburo - ii is timing specific. It’s more on the height of the dive kick performed rather than the landing since the dive kick will make contact with the opponent (+2 landing recovery, but +2 hit/block stun according to the v.2012 changes).

I’ve updated the original post with two more safe jump setups. Note that they’re corner only.


I checked and see all safe jump setup still work well in version 2012.
Actually I have just checked this part with Fei Long (4f reversal)

About the empty forward jump, forward jump dive kick. Time is more strict than vanilla AE. Maybe because 2 addition frame of Dive Kick


It’s not about the two frames that’s making it more strict, but the height restriction. Your dive kick should make contact with your opponent on the safe jump setup, the +2 frame recovery and +2 block/hit stun would make the net frames the same.

I am here:


but if they throw out a reversal the divekick wont make contact so the extra hit/block stun wont matter then and the extra recovery means less moves is safe jumpable with the divekick. Right?


Do these work in 2012…?


most of them do but dive kick whiffs are easier to see unless you want to get DPed in the face

edit: actually a lot of the ones involving lk dp probably do NOT work anymore.


crushingyen, I’m planning to make a list of characters with whom each setup works against. you down to meet up and work out all these safe jumps? and get casuals in with the homies


Appendix G: Characters with 3 Frame Reversals or Less

Ryu => All DPs, Super
Ken => lp/hp DP, Super
Dudley => Super
Gouken => Counter
Akuma => All Dps
ONI => All Dps
Juri => Counter
Dhalsim => Super
Evil => All DPs
Elf -> Super
Akuma - Super (1f)
Evil Ryu - Super (1f)
E Honda - Ultra 2 (1f)
Oni - Super (1f)
Chun - Super (1f)
Sagat - Super (1f/2f/3f)
Seth - EX SPD (3f)

as per The Breaker


there are more than that - off the top of my head (I’m 100% sure there are more than this too) you can add:

Akuma - Super (1f)
Evil Ryu - Super (1f)
E Honda - Ultra 2 (1f)
Oni - Super (1f)
Chun - Super (1f)
Sagat - Super (1f/2f/3f)
Seth - EX SPD (3f)

edit: Fairly certain you can take Dudley’s cross counter off - unlike all of the other options listed, it has no apparent invincibility on the first active frame (so you can stuff it with a frame perfect set up)


is dash, dash, st. lp, n.jump, mk still a valid safe jump in 2012? I cannot for the life of me get this to work.


The timing is really tight if you don’t double tap or plink st.LP with select. It should still work.


Akuma can also be hit out of his super, so theres no point in safe jumping it because even a meaty will beat it out, but just like giefs ultra, it can not be jumped out of unless you inputed before the super is activated… His ultra on the other hand has 5 frames of invincibility but starts up much slower.
Btw does anyone know any set-ups that will make dps whiff? like akuma has demon flip set ups, where if you reversal dp on wake up you will go right over him and not auto correct. Cammy also has some with her dive kick where the dp will just go right under her. I was just wondering if Yun has anything like this.


The first frame of Gouki’s super is invincible. But he has a 3f DP anyway. Dudley’s cross counter can actually be stuffed before the counter period starts.

There are ways to make DPs whiff but it seems to almost always be character specific … and a pain in the ass to get down … :frowning: