Yun Should Be In UMVC3

I will present to the people of SRK my claim as to why Yun should be in Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom. 3 (UMVC3)


It goes without say that Yun was over powered (OP) in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (SSF4AE.) But I believe that his skills in that game would have been more suited to UMVC3. Simply put, characters in UMVC3 have mixups similar to, or are better than Yun’s in AE. Take She Hulk or Wesker(are people still salty over him? If you are then I love you) for example.

His moveset as follows.

L: ST.LK in AE
S: Forward HP in AE, Close Medium Kick in AE or a one hit Up Kicks, ie when your opponent is put into a juggle state by the first hit of his Up Kicks. (Nishou Kyaku)

Crouching L: CR.LK in AE
Crouching M: CR.MP in AE
Crouching H: CR.HK in AE

Unique attack:

The infamous dive kick! They would be completly the same as they were in AE. But he wouldn’t receive any additional buffs for dive kicks on counter hit, unlike Wolverine. His would be similar to Trish’s or Akuma’s. Also the input would be changed from diagonal down forward in the air to simply down and whatever button. How’s this for salt? His S dive kick would be free to punish if blocked…but if it connected it he would get a ground bounce. (Hi Doctor Doom!)

Senpuukyaku being his standard overhead, he wouldn’t be able to combo off it, well unless he cancel’s into the Genei Jin or calls an assist. (GJ)

Target combos? I don’t think they would aid his gameplay given the nature of the game, as everything is a target combo.

Health: definitely on the lower end, not lower then Strider’s but lower then Wolverine’s. (725k?)

Special Moves:

Zesshou Hohou (Lunge Punch).
Totally unsafe on block and free to punish unless cancelled into Genei Jin, but even then he’d be at a disadvantage as you wouldn’t be able to block straight away after the GJ.

L Lunge Punch would put the opponent into a juggle state but you could only follow up with S and then air S regardless of how many hits you are into the combo.

M Lunge Punch would cause a wall bounce on connect. You’d be free to continue your combo as standard.

H Lunge Punch would cause a hard knockdown, Similar to Chris’s H Combination Punch or Ryu’s Crouching H.

Kobokushi (Palm Strikes)

L Palm is just a feint, like Zero’s L Air dive kick.

M Palm would cause a wall bounce and once again you would be free to keep comboing.

H Palm would once again cause a wall bounce but the restriction on this is you can only follow up with S. (This move will scale heavily regardless of whether it was done early or late in the combo.)

Nishou Kyaku (Up Kicks)

L Up Kicks would be exactly like Ryu’s Shoryuken in UMVC3.

M Up Kicks if used as an anti air and only ONE of the kicks connected would be a free combo. Similar to Wesker’s gun leaving you in a juggle state on hit.

H Up Kicks once again exactly like Ryu’s Shoryuken.

Zenpo Tenshin (Command Grab)

His L Command Grab would have the least recovery but would be harder to combo off. As for the actual recovery of the move it would be pretty bad, similiar to Spider Man’s Maximum Spider.

M Command Grab is the ideal one to use, as you can combo off it quite easily but the recovery would be similar to Vergil’s Maximum Vergil.

H Command Grab equals a free combo but I’d want it to have THE worst recovery. Think Ryu after Shin Shoryuken.

Tetsuzan Kou (Shoulder)

L Shoulder is used for pressure, it’s safe on block and can pass through fireballs.

M Shoulder is unsafe, will cause a wall bounce on counter hit and you’ll be unable to follow up with anything else apart from a hyper. Cannot go through fireballs with this version.

H Shoulder is very bad in terms of startup and recovery but you’d gain a wall bounce on hit and projectile nullifying abilities.

Please note: the Shoulder is not invincible it can be hit out of and it’s only similarity to Wolvie’s Berserker Slash is that it goes through projectiles.

Hyper Combo’s:

You Hou: (Level 1)

Being his Ultra 1 In AE would leave your opponent in a juggle state afterwards, but damage scaling and combo possibilities would be really bad afterwards. Think ground S and Air HS as the best combo.

Sorai Rengeki: (Level 1)

Invincible on Startup, exactly the same as his AE Ultra 2. Free to punish on block.

And here comes the salt mine…

Genei Jin: (Level 3)

Where would he be without this huh Capcom?

As we all know he gains infinite juggles in this state. But here’s my conditions:

He must activate it in a combo as he can be hit out of it and there’s no immediate ability to block upon activation.

It will last for 6 game seconds.

Damage scaling will be harshly enforced when in this mode.

Your aim is to keep your other characters alive instead of relying on X Factor Level 3 Genei Jin Yun as he won’t get a damage boost just a speed boost, to avoid people playing him like Phoenix or Strider.
Using interesting assists like Super Skrull’s Tenderizer, Doctor Strange’s many assists and Akuma’s Dive Kick assist will greatly aid Yun in GJ.

To prevent mashing in GJ he’ll get an automatic DEACTIVATION of the hyper if you mash the same button THREE times in a row. It will be exactly the same as Chun Li’s Lightning Leg’s or Super Skrull’s Tenderizer.

I’d want him to have a low damage output similar to Vergil and he’d score most of his true damage through resets and clever play. Instead of brute strength like Wolverine or Nemesis.

His low health and unsafe specials would be to balance him out considering his offensive options. Which would be through the roof in this game.

Seriously? I mean, really? Are you trying to troll or did you just not think that one through?

Your argument wins. I believe we have a Fantasy/Wishlist thread that you are welcome to use: we don’t need threads advocating each and every particularly awesome character. If we did that, you’d have to wade through pages and pages of Squirrel Girl threads to find the useful/more-serious threads. :\