Yun: too deep for me to get into?



I thought that Yun would be an easy character to get into, but I’m just no good with him. His Geijin combos are overwhelming, I don’t know how to start them, nevermind keep them going. I don’t get his dive kick and why it’s so nice, and his damage is crap. Anyone can point out a noob’s guide to this guy?


dont play him if you get overwhelmed easily and frustrated… because he is all memorization, mixups and execution.


it took me 2 years to get to the point where people curse genei jin when i play yun that feeling where someone says FUCKING GENEI JIN SO FUCKIN CHEAP makes up for those years of not knowing wtf i was doing and bacardi having to force me to play genei jin cause i didn’t know that was the super to play with i pick all my characters based on looks so i didn’t know wtf was going on i knew 2 combos and that he wore a hat and skateboarded thats all i needed

but yeah if you’re not willing to put in the time don’t pick yun


I know how you feel I cant use Yun that great either and Im still trying to find ways to improve him so that he can at least be feared when I activate GJ (noone fears mine cause I suck T_T). Basically what I did was watch a whole lot of Yun vids and read the Genei Jin thread. Then you just adopt your own play style, at least thats where Im at and I still suck xD


This will hardly be a guide, but here is some stuff.

jab, short, strong
jab, jab, short, strong
jab, short, strong, jab shoulder

All those can be canceled into GJ. You can also combo a lunge punch (qcf + P) or dragon kicks (DP + K) depending on the character. An occasional strong shoulder is an okay GJ cancel too.

While in GJ - For command grab, get in close (FP, shoulder, etc.) or jump in, divekick, whatever. Walk forward and do standing short. You’ll be right in range for command grab.

c.Forward is a decent poke. Standing fierce is okay. c.MP too build meter. Its an okay poke. Forward + fierce is an okay anti-air. Standing strong isn’t too bad and you can do standing strong, fierce, back + fierce.

This isn’t too good for basics. Learn the ranges of your normals. Watch some vids.


you shouldnt try to overwhelm your self with ALL of his combos. For a good basic yun, all you need is a few setups and how to mix them up. Learn dive kick target combo into shoulder tackle GJ cancel. Use the target combo as a hit confirm then shoulder tackle GJ. Shoulder tackle cancel is easier to cancel out with. Never do target combo into shoulder tackle for block stun. Its red parry bait. This is your guranteed stater. After you activate, you can hold fwd and hit mp then cancel into a hadoken motion with mp again. It will give you the shoulder tackle everytime. Its an easier way to get the srk motion. A good easy gj ender is dive punch as the last part of gj, (GJ is over) close, Fwd+fp, dive punch. Midscreen ender = dive punch.

mid screen combo = target combo with or w\o dive kick , mp shoulder tackle , fp tackle repeat. Fp tackle will carry them all the way to the corner but when you land in the corner switch too the mp one. The fp one will bounce them funny. Finish off with an easy ender. This is another guranteed setup if you land the target combo.

corner = target combo w\ or w\o dive kick, mp tackle, fwd + mk , fwd + mk, palm, fwd +mk, fwd +fp and use the dive punch to end the gj, close, fwd+fp, dive punch. Another guranteed setup if target combo hits is repeated mp tackle. Alot easier if you cant do the other one.

command grab in gj = This really depends on how much time you have left in gj. If your mid screen shoulder tackle as many times as you can and gj ender. If your in the corner, mp tackle fwd +mk, fwd+mk fwd +fp, fwd +mk, fwd+mk fwd+fp repeat till you run out of time and gj ender.

anti air gj =,, fwd+mk, fwd+mk your going to have to experiment with this one cause im not a yun pro. lp shoulder tackle as anti if it hit hits, mp tackle, then fp tackle and repeat the fp taclke. I know this one works

You wont land the target combo all the time so your going to need a mix up strategy. (while in gj), go neutral, fwd + fp for corner and, go neutral, s.fp, fp shoulder tackle repeat tackle for mid screen. This is your low setup for a non combo-ed scenario. It will bounce the character and you can insert your choice of GJ combo. Do a few uoh’s and dive kick follow up combos to get them to block high. I’d probably spam some moves before I tried to go low like get close shor short lp tackle then go for the bounce or spam a uoh or 2 then go for bounce. He doesnt have a fast high bounce combo but this is why you learn the command grab in gj. Dive kicking in gj makes them block high and you can combo off of it but it gets parried sometimes. Landing the command grab is all about letting the opponent know you can land a GJ combo at will. Once he respects your combos hell have to block. You can dive kick to setup your command grab. Something like dive kick command grab. Just make something up. You can spam anything you want to freeze them and throw the command grab. I wouldnt suggest activating from full screen. It gives the opponent too many options for a way out. If anything, your max range for activation is midscreen. You can use your dive kicks to get close and start a mix up chain. I like to do a lk dive kick and let them react and then try something.

Basically when you go for a non combo-ed setup your looking for a way to make them bounce in such a way that you can combo off of it or freeze them to get a command grab. The ones I mentioned work fairly well especially the guranteed non target combo ones. Dont get mad if you didnt land a GJ combo. You will have another one shortly. Yun can be played very basic and yet hella effective. You just have to know what works and how the GJ works. This is just a basic yun startegy I think. I probably left some stuff out. I’d learn this basic stuff first and then go for the tough stuff. Lean how to use his normals too. You wont have the GJ all the time and youll need to know what works. If you dont know normals you dont know the character.

once you learn most of this. You should know enough to take him to the next level. Lean his basics and then watch some videos. Youll know what theyll be doing then and you can just steal what you like or looks useful.


2 years, wtf?

it took me like, a couple months.

after a very enjoyable weekend @ ecc, kofiend and I probably talked the twins to death.
here are some tips:
-yes, you will have to put in the work of learning all the gj combos on all the characters…but that takes a couple months, not 2 years, lol…HOWEVER, that is not gonna break your game. if you can learn the poking game and the zoning vs. most o f the good chars, you’ll be ok.
-figure out how your divekciks affect people, @ ecc i divekicked the shit outta people. I’m talkin 5 in a row…generally, as a rule, i do 2 in arow, then jump up/back and parry the feirce that they will prolly throw out.
-learn how to poke on the ground aswell. ie: learn why yun’s is good vs. chun, but not against ken. Thebn leanr why shou8lders are better vs. ken than chun.

pretty general tips, but, that’s all there is to it. The only thing you’ll have to learn after you have the above down, is how to poke and rush with GJ.

if you play cvs2, it’s like bison. and if you wanna play run away yun, you should watch all players from all games running away. just get used to rnuning and baiting, as opposed to rushing and zoning.

to all haters: I realize that he’s not sure if he should pick up yun, but, after watching the recent ken ken and chun chun and ken chun matches, imo, learning yun will be easier. Might aswell use the best…rather than making posts every week saying: “everytime i play ken players and i press s.strong i get swept :(”


heres something i realized if you don’t LOVE yun (no homo) you won’t stick with him you gotta be all about yun to stick with him cause you’re gonna be getting fucked up for awhile till you get shit down

and yes 2 years i didn’t play genei jin for about a year and had never seen any vids when i started playing 3s so i knew nothing about genei jin cept it made him glow green

i personally pick everyone i play based on who i think looks dope and i mean as in physical looks i play yun cause he has a hat and he skateboards gameplay didn’t come into the issue so i had no problem sticking with him through the rough times


Yuns rough. When I first started playing 3s seriously and decided to play Yun as my my main I lost alot and won when I picked Ken or someone easier. My main problems were GJ mixups and my Yun use to suck badly without meter. Yun aint as much without meter and even when I had it I couldnt use it to it’s max potential. I had alot of phases where I thought of dropping him, because nomatter how much I knew and how hard I tried I couldnt win as much. I played alot and my Yun eventually became my besy character by far. I was a pretty big scrub not too long ago. I have a match on youtube from like 6 months ago and watching it now is really embarassing for me.


before every match, say to yourself, i’m gonna build meter, and run away. Don’t get into that 2nd impact rush down style, it’s gonna kill you…you know, divekick, jab jab, divekick.

i’ll say it again:
strider, bison and yun. If you know one of these characters, then you have a basic strategy to start off with. A base, if you will.

here’s my general tactic when the round starts, press low strong twice, watch opponents reaction, adapt. Here’s what to look for first:
IF HE TRIES TO SWEEP YOU!!! if the opponent is so stupid, that he thinks beating you on the ground is going to get him remotly close to winning the match, he is fucking retarted.
Once you know he’s retarted, you can pretty much assume that he will beat your jump ins with air-to-air moves…no detail here, i think everyone will agree.

it’s hard in the beginning, i know, but just be wise, and always go into a match with that same mentality:

fuck, it’s alllllll baiting at the beginning of the game. once you get a meter, the game changes, much like strider and bison’s. Maybe you neeed to observe a runaway game you can relate to , like strider or bisons IT’S THE SAME FUCKING THING!..why do you think justin can just pick up yun at the drop of a hat and beast?..he knows run away.

here’s a little more technical tip: say you’re in the corner, and you wanna jump out, you should opt for the reverse direction divekcik. why? because if the opponent jumps at you, a roundhouse will come out…oooo, aaaa.


What do you mean by run away? Everyone says “run away Yun” and I never really see that many examples of it. I’ve seen a couple videos of run away Yuns and they mostly just ran themselves into the corner and proceeded to lose. It’s amazing how slow GJ charges when you are in constant block stun or on your back…

I usually try to zone defensively. Not directly attacking my opponent, but keeping them busy. Looking to punish and not giving up too much ground. Is run away really a better way to play? I don’t think Yun’s normals are that bad. They aren’t spectacular, but I think people get spoiled by GJ where they don’t realize how important normals are. Like the recent evo DVD. The japanese Yun’s did not get walked all over outside of GJ and made good use of their normals. Good use of normals means you’ll have GJ sooner.


The best example of a “run away” Yun would be KO. He’s not the most exciting Yun to watch, but IMO he’s the most consistent. He plays a much safer game as opposed to say, Mester, who plays more of an “attack you” Yun. KO runs away and builds meter, then goes on the offensive with GJ. However, just running away and building meter >> attacking with Genei Jin is not going to guarantee you the win. You have to be able to observe your opponent and adjust your game accordingly. The run away GJ is very effective because the more Genei Jins you can pull off, the more chances you have of winning. Usually KO can pull off 2-3 in ONE round. Playing an attack style increases your chance of getting hit with a beefy counter. Remember, Yun takes quite a bit of damage :sad: . Plus, if you’re playing against a smart opponent, most likely their game plan is going to be rushing you down before you get meter, because they know that Yun can’t do much unless he has GJ. But I do agree with you Hedgeshot, Yun has some great normals, and using them correctly will get your GJ that much faster, I just wouldn’t recommend trying to land them over playing smart while building meter, say by whiffing c.str or c.forward and observing. The description you gave of your Yun is actually part of the run away game plan :). It’s concentrating more on building up your GJ for the offensive rather than attacking directly. How you go about this, either by completely running away and whiffing, or observing and countering accordingly, is totally up to the player, though I wouldn’t recommend utilizing only the former. The use of both is basically how this strategy works. If you do happen to get cornered, there are many ways to get out. One that CB mentioned and is very useful is the cross-up dive kick, which is done by doing the dive kick in the opposite direction when you’re in the air behind your opponent, thus making the dive kick come out. Using a RH dive kick will get you some good distance and way out of the corner. This cross-up can be used for some good offensive tactics in mid-screen when your opponent is on wake-up too, it just has to be timed right.

As you can see I wrote too much, because I’m very, very bored at work ^^ Just my two cents.


The best Yun to watch for a “run away” style play is Kowappa I fall alsleep watching that dude. I dont think KO is a run away Yun compared to Mester I think its the other way around. But thats just my opinion.


Actually you could be right. Lately I’ve seen mester run away more, while KO’s been more aggressive lately :sweat:


What I really meant is that “run away” is not a very good discription. In the examples I’m talking about… forgot the japanese Yun player, he literally ran away the entire time wiffing attacks. If you are neutral jumping or doing short divekicks, sticking out an occasional poke/counter poke, you aren’t running away. I think that is basically what most japanese Yuns will do (K.O, mester, nitto, issay, etc.). There are times to run. When you don’t have an amount of life you are comfortable with and only need a few more wiffed attacks to activate. You can also fluster some of the slower characters in the game by constantly running away (Hugo). In short, what I mean is if you are holding your ground, you aren’t running away.

SJ plus reverse dive kick (thats just what I call it since you do it backwards) for getting out is fine if they give you some room, but I wouldn’t say it is much more reliable than ex upkicks, or trying to tech a throw, or parry on wakeup, etc. I try to think about getting away from the corner before I even get there. I guess it might make me predictable, but if I’m getting backed into the corner, I’m going to be looking for a knock down. Usually with a throw or low short short lunge.


I run away alot from Kens or chun if she has meter. Less from chun, but the threat of parry-> super isnt worth whatever little damage I can do with Yun without GJ. There not gonna be scared of short, short, lunge punch or whatever so there not scared to guess wrong a few times in order to take off half my life. They got me beat so GJ is my ace in the hole. And vs Ken I try not to corner myself. That was one of my biggest problems til’ I fixed it. Now I jump up alot and whiff alot of divekicks just out side of range and use s.fp or> lunge. Sometimes I’ll hit them with the dive kick and sometimes I’ll dive in closer for a throw, a combo or a meter building block string. Mp shoulders are pretty good, but risky and really predictable after a while.

Everyone else I’m a little more agressive on, but I know when to ease up for the sake of my life bar.


nobody really fears yuns normals, I think what they fear more is him re-building meter and dominating.
For example, if i was to hit someone with a full GJ combo plus ender, then did a cross up divekick into combo, i would have meter again, and i would’ve taken atleast 75-80% life.

if you watch shirube vol.1, KO is so methodical with his yun, it’s scary. every fight goes like this: low strong low strong low strong, divekick, some combo, shoulderXXGJ…mix up, combo, ender, charge charge, gj, death.

Basically, it works like this: If you let yun in, he gets a GJ, Since we know that one combo can get us 40% meter.

Also, the second and third rounds become easier, or atleast, the pace may change. Round two usually has yun with meter, and third round always will.

I would say, the best video for a beginner yun to watch is shirube vol.1. It features only KO’s yun, and it features him a lot. He fights just about every match up in the game i think. Then you should watch KO vs. Daigo evo finals, then ksk ranbats, then shirube 2, then sbo 3 and 4.


Where could I find shirube 1? =]


The difficult part I’m finding with Yun is not just that it takes a lot of practice but being unsure whether or not I’ll eventually get it or it’s just not my character and it’s one of those situations where you’ll never improve no matter how much you practice.

When I first started the game a year ago, I first tried out Yun because he was the character I wanted to use, I really gave Genei Jin a shot but after quite a bit of practice, despite all the stuff I knew about Genei Jin, I couldn’t actually land any of it. I knew not to spam shoulders like a scrub without any real way of installing fear onto GJ and the proper combos but it would never work. At the same time, I would see others executing certain things with Yun with far less practice and less knowledge of the game. I then went with Yang, although I hoped that one day I’d go back to Yun.

I’ve been trying him again recently, deciding that I really want to take him on and reading everything related to Genei Jin. I’ve been in training mode the past couple of weeks (probably an hour or two every second day), I keep doing reps of the shoto combo (st. strong, f+fierce, F+MK x2, Palm, F+MKx2, Palm, DP + RH, Jab Shoulder, F+Fierce, Jab Dash Punch) on Ryu and it’ll take me a good 20 attempts before I can land it (I always mess up in certain different moments). I can’t even hope to God to land something else. Nevermind actual matches. I constantely get knocked out of GJ and when I luckily manage to launch the guy in rare moments, my brain freezes and I do nothing.

The difficult part isn’t about not seeing progress but not seeing progress yet being able to do juggles in fighters like T5 and VF5 consistently and without much practice(yes I know, not a fair comparision) and other players being able to do stuff with far less practice than I give. If I need to put the time in, I will but I can’t tell if I just have a long road ahead of me or I’m really wasting my time.


The thing with Yun is that you gotta learn that while in genei jin every combo has the same timing

In the genei jin thread theres a little guide on how to improvise
you have to have a right execution but dont get desperate, you cam be sure that after some practice genei jin timing will come out second nature to you

read the thread on my signature, it might help you a little