Yun Training on PSN

Any good Yun players out on PSN willing to help me train my scrubby Yun. Like to tell me what im doing wrong and what i need to improve on. Im really struggling but I dont wanna give up.I started using him a few days ago and im having fun but I dont play much yun’s… just Oni -__-

My PSN is Grand-ichi7

I’d ask you to add me but I think you did already.

Yeah I have you. I just need some people to practice what im reading up on yun.

add me. djvudoo. where is your location? im in central btw.

Hey um add me. my psn is cheesedoodles408. im deciding between maining yun and yang still but I would like to learn more about yun

Im on the East Coast

Ok kool ill add you.

Add me i main Makoto and i want to learn Yun and Yang lol as maybe a 2nd i cant decide

okay sure thing

add me warmachine781 also if anyone wants to help me as well greatly appreciated


Add me I want to learn a bit too. Been playing a bit more lately so I’d be down.

PSN: Kunamori

Add Me Been trying to learn how to use yun

I’d like to get in on this also!
psn: PitifulKarmaZ

I main Guy but I’m trying to learn Yun at the moment as well.

PSN: EdiblePwncakes

I’m not adding anyone if they don’t also post their location.

I switched my main to Yun recently. Add me if youd like if you’re on the east coast.


Alright I’m on the east coast bro.

east coast
I’m still a yun scrub. We should make an endless room and have a meetup while setting up a chat so that everyone can hopefully improve.


EC only plz