Yun user with P Groove

Its back to basic to select Yun with P groove. Parry is the way to fight, more interactive and counterattack. Anyone with P groove Yun knows how great it is to pull out Wp,Mp,back Sp link to Qcb Qcb P You Hou, shoulder charge, standing Mk, hyper jump Wp, forward Sp.

Things that is missing from 3rd strike for game switcher:

1.Standing close Mk link to a hop punch.
2.Palm attack @ corner link to hop punch or far mk.
3.Down Sk to standing Sk.
4.Shoulder charge cant not link to super. (You Hou works but never full connect)
5.After from You Hou the timing is all change.

Don’t play him in P Groove. P Groove is a deficit to an already lacking character. You play people like Cammy and Blanka in P Groove, not Yun.

Unless you’re Roll Cancelling with him, he really is shitty. It’s the sad truth. The most solid Yun in CvS2 is probably Ken’s, you can see it on the Evolution DVD. He RCs everything and the kitchen sink and deals damage via CC. A Groove is really is only good option for RC ability and damage.

I play it for P groove. Well everyone has there characters. I stay away from ultra overlord u know Sagat (Down Sp to eat off gaurd meter), Vega(poke n run away tactics), Cammy(Sk pokes).

Yun is great to power up the meter, along with Akuma with his hcb Gou Ha Do, finally comes out Yama with pressuring mind games. My team is well balance.

Parry is all that I needed within my team. Parry move bread n butter combo. Trade n gamble parry to knock out oppoent with super moves.

P groove user got to be really aggressive. Have to pull out lots of block combo n goes for overhead attack.