Yun viable on ps3 pad?



I started to learn how to play with yun, and i try to see some bnb’s and videos of yun players.
But now i have this doubt, when i was a ibuki player, so when lost my arcard, i see that play with ibuki is unviable on pad. Searching for a new main, i’m in a doubt if i can be a good player playing as yun on a ps3 pad

thx :wink:


Yun doesn’t have 1-frame links, he almost completely relies on performing 2-frame links which are VERY doable on a pad.
He doesn’t require the usage of FADC to extend combos like Ryu does, nor fancy jump cancels.

Yun is a motion character where you do need to have a firm grasp on performing dp motions from a crouching and standing position.
The biggest obstacle when playing on a pad is excecution, imo, and Yun is pretty easy as far as excecution goes.

Yun should absolutely be viable on a pad.


Yun is easy on pad, you don’t need to plink anything t. and dive kicking is to be done one at a time not in a rapid fashion you will have no problems with pad. I even know ibuki players that are nice on pad too. the part that you will need to practice is when to dash and being use to blocking . if you can do that you will have no problems at all. master x nisho

that is the combo that might give you problems on pad. then try. st.lp x Nisho

then try cr.lp st.lp X nisho.

Then the only things left are battle experience (to become fluent with inputs), focus, and decision making which would follow you no matter which controller you use or how many years you have been playing.