Yun Videos

Im having trouble finding some good vids of yun combos could someone post some please.

Well, I don’t know of any Yun-specific combo videos. I suspect this is mainly because, with Genei-jin, everything you do looks like it belongs in one. Seeing Yun do a 20 hit combo with Genei-jin is every day fare.

However, if the reason you’re looking for these videos is to improve your Yun game, I wouldn’t recomend a combo video. Pressure tactics and mix ups, both in-and-out of Genei-jin mode, are just as important as knowing the combos (if not more so). You might pick up on some of that by watching videos of good Yuns playing, like this one here:

This one features Pyrolee, who came in first this year at Evo West (I came in somewhere between 24th and 32nd…knocked out in the first round of the semis :sad:). You can see more of him playing by checking out the other videos from the same user, on the right. You also might want to check out Mester and KO, both famous Yun players in their own rights.