yun vs akuma

Im having trouble against this akuma player, because my genei jin isnt getting enough damage against him outside of combos.

If I activate from far away, its hard for me to get in against air fireballs, and hurricane kicks.

When Im doing a block string, after he blocks my shoulder tackle, he seems to be able to do a reversal hurricane kick and beat whatever I was going to do next, usually low forward or standing fierce.


Don’t do a shoulder in the block string

Mix up high, low, high, low and when he’s scared to attack command grab him.

One good genei jin combo on akuma and he’s dead.

Also be patient. If you can wait akuma out he’ll throw a dragon punch or an air fireball to close.

Bait DP’s with short dive kicks and punish, and as said, play high low and command grab grab that mess. Even though alot of people want to use Yun in the air alot, try not to as much, Akuma users WILL spam Jumping Hurricanes, then FB your ass on your way down, the ones I’ve played like jumping back air FB all the time, yet another reason to own them on the ground. Play footsies, one good GJ and Akuma is a goner.

if you know hes gonna throw something out after the shoulder then wait for it then punish i can’t say don’t do shoulder in the block string because it has good chip damage

Yeah, it does good chip, and GREAT chip damage on Akuma. Do shoulders, but don’t make them so obvious, the only other thing that does ok chip is a lunge, and, well, there is no way in hell you wanna do that on a blocking ANYONE.

Crouching blocking person is a different story though. :tup: