Yun vs. Chun-THE THREAD

Okay post all your Yun vs. Chun stuff here because I am aware that a VERY GOOD CHUN PLAYER(Karathrows,Hitconfirms, parries dive kicks to St. FK mixup, jumps neutral FK moving FP etc) poses a problem for Yun. In particular the Kara/SA2 Mixup can and WILL KILL YOU…esp if your Chun Hit Confirms everything…(how else do you think they land it?? Its ALL SET UP VIA THE KARA THROW)

So mesh all your Yun vs. Chun stuff here…we will and can defeat the POWER OF THE KARA!!!:clap:

I run away, when i get to the corner, i jump out, then i wait for a jump in, the kill it with GJ…all that stuff you mentioned, i would stay away from…if you wanna fight, you can do ok with divekick mix-ups. don’t use shoulder, he normals own it. also, it’s easy to anti-air her since her jump is big.
…how do you do that kara throw?, i never learned.

in the past i’ve only fought chun-lis. I would try my best to keep her out. if she’s poking on the ground you’re ok imo, cause you can always poke back with divekick, which inturn makes her stutter before doing something(unless it’s nuki). Just keep baiting her with strongs and divekicks, and her rush down depends on getting insidde her s.feirce range, so she can start the karathrow mix-up. other wise, she needs to dash in…
when i poke anybody, I’m only waiting for a dash or jump, and that generally beats the top tiers(ken chun makoto dudley urien yun). in my vid that’s all i did to beat dudley, just waited for him to jump, and pressed s.forward now and then, got meter, attacked(got killed, lol), rinse wash repeat.

since i believe yun=strider, i keep what duc do said in the “duc teaches mvc2” thread, in mind:
“just bait a lot with strider”…so when you wif a strong, you bait them to poke. When you divekick you bait the anti-air/air to air. when you turtle, you are baiting the dash/jump in. when you attack, you are baiting the random poke.
each bait option has a punishment option…for instance, when you bait the random poke, you punish with shoulderXXGJ. more indepth: vs.Hugo, bait his s.strong, back up, s.feirce/d.fwdxxrushpunch(nestor tried this vs PJC in the matches i posted–he woulda won but didn’t incorporate enough running away).

so, vs. chun li, poke with s.fwd to bait her s.feirce and parry it high(which is pretty easy) then rush punch(that’s one third meter).
Divekick to bate her jump ins/A2A, then air parry or j.u.feirce, or SJ.u.RH.
use d.forward to bate her to attack, punish with shoulder.
etc…you can mix and match, obviously.

Here’s what’ll seperate the lambs from the wolves, if your bating isn’t working, like say she’s just kinda standing there wiffing back feirce and d.strong, then you must switch your plan, and run away and build meter to ensure damage.
for 2 reason:

  1. you need to bait her to hurt her
  2. you can’t really attack her safely, cause she gonna own you on all plains…atleast 50/50 a2a.

aight, class time.
good thread, i wanted to make one for Yun vs. Yun

my only advice would be don’t try to divekick all day cause b.fierce,st.fierce,c.rh will all beat UNLESS you delay it,jump in fierce or jump in rh to get inside works well for me i try stay on top of her before she gets meter if shes a chun that knows what shes doing a2a look out for the toestomp mixups/resets because it will beat divekicks

basically get inside stay on top of her while she has no bar then play it safe and people don’t punish the parried if they have bar you know almost everyone cancels into super anyone dont’ risk it

oh and also c.jab, every chun i know does it learn to react that c.jab and parry down

just thought of another thing if they’re good and you parry b.fierce on jump in be prepared to parry b.fierce,lightning kicks

disclaimer:this is all personal experience from chun’s i’ve played take it as is

that is so true

It’s pretty much over if you can beat Chun’s karathrow.

Yeah but beating her Karathrow is the thing…I am much riskier on Chun when she doesnt have bar…but when she does have bar I prefer to let her Karathrow me to death than to die quickly via SA2. With me I dont even really try to break the Karathrow WHEN SHE HAS BAR(unless its like really obvious) bc think about it…if they are real good about it the ONE time you think you are gonna break the KThrow she hits you with a Cr. MK or B+fiercexxSA2=DEATH. I also heard about the cr. jab to Kthrow or one jab etc…and when she has bar I’ll just let her hit me with the KT because if not the next time she will do cr. mkxxSA2 after the cr. jab…

I’ll die by the Kara if she has a super.
How do you beat it strakka?

What clues to do you look for in beating it…I learned one…she cant Kara within her St. FP range…good one coco savage…any others…bc once you are in the corner Oh boy…

Also Coco…a trend Ive noticed…call it the JWong/Buktooth/others is that they DO NOT JUMP much with Chun. Only to stop dive kicks and then the good ones just parry it…the dive kick that works the best against the parry to St. FK mixup is lk…it can hit her at the tip of her foot. Yes I always kill them with GJ if they jump but the Chuns I play and LOSE TO DONT JUMP AT ALL and punish my freaking Dive Kicks nearly every time.

Something Ive noticed…what is the idea you can EITHER DUCK or somehow evade the Command Grab if they are up close by instant ducking or something??

Also I’ve heard doing meaty UOHxxst.mpxxf+fp in GJ is good against Chun and using that so setup your command grab mixup. That and doing Crossover Dive Kicks on Wakeup because there is nothing she can do about it.

just fight fire with fire then…if they jump you jump, if they stay grounded, so do you. once you get to the corner, just jump out.
quit making chun think that she can poke you, instead, make her think that she has to keep you from jumping away. it’s just mind games agsint her.

try random palms, see where that gets you., i don’t know.

Know this also…Good Chuns take away the overhead in GJ bc Chun can CR. JAB YUN OUT OF HIS OVERHEAD…HAPPENED MANY TIMES TO ME WTF???

I block and wait to tech her karathrow. It’s hard, but it’s the safest option. But best case scenario: You tech her throw. Worst case scenario: You get thrown. If you jump, best case scenario is that you avoid her throw, and worst case scenario is that you eat a SA2 hit confirm. If you try to parry, you have a 50/50 chance of parrying right/wrong and eating an SA2, and you could still be thrown.

And if Chun is jabbing you out of things, it means that you’re too easily telegraphed, or your GJ pressure strings leave too much of an opening.

Chun’s jab is really good, but GJ is better.