Yun vs Chun

I’ve played a chun where if i jump in i go into F.Fierce or B.Fierce>lightning legs which effects dive kicks for the most part, then when i get one by she just C.HK . How can i move in better and whats your guys best suggestion for defense\offense in her “danger zone”.(ie where her kara grab will still get you and she can still attack high\low,C.MK\F.Fierce)

watch KO/nitto/boss/matsuda/yukki and such

they go out of range of s.hp and do kick divekick and super jump MK divekick

if you can’t get into range… learn to play in the corner and get out, once you are out apply the pressure on the ground and mix in wiffed divekicks at ranges where you can either throw right when you land/123/ (2nd one if you want)

so far from what i understand they treat the bitch like hugo, hit n run, xept if she has super stocked instead of hastily running back they block low n try to get the hell away clean =x.

faced off against smoothcat’s chun today and i learned a few things: stay back if she sticks out s.forward fierce c.forward> strong dash punch, DO NOT dive kick at the bitch from across the screen\without previously applied pressure,dont fight her in the danger zone…unless u got genei activated(or are godlike),learn to tech kara throws but be very careful…if she fakes a kara throw and u tech air, its free c.forward >sa2 for her, thats all i got for now…btw this isnt really useful info at anything short of an mid\high intermediate level of play.

pressure when she got no meter wit kinda random block strings and activate GJ saftely wheneva u got it, besides that jus study sum match videos