yun vs. gouki



tips? Getting locked down terribly with cross up dive kicks, hard to parry because they can choose when to deliver the blow.


hit him out of the air or just walk under


if your cornered you can teleport either direction out of danger, back tele is short lived in corner good for a dodge>counter. jump in down mk divekick>standing fierce, if you catch them crouching you have all the time in the world to take away like 35% hp in a combo. AA yuns divekicks with shoryukens until you get fast then try using aerial hurricane kicks into(choose your ender) shoryu\st.jab>hk hurricane, i wouldnt suggest super to finish this combo cus of damage reduction. when they activate GJ always teleport…somewhere(IF THEIR DUMB!*). yun losses his shadows and newbs think they lose GJ after tele(they dont lose gj so this is only mind games for newbs…which rapes if they dont know). if they’re real aggressive with wakeup bs(meaties\crossups) teleport out every once in a while to keep em on their toes. teleports are safe when either he dives in and you tele the otherway while hes still in air(tele towards where yuns divekick came from) or if you lead yun towards you after he activates by jumping back and using a air fireball then tele forward as he dashpunches\shoulders in.the corner teles(your cornered teleing into corner) arent usually safe but when i do em like 90\100 people dont react in time or left themselves open to long and i end up on top. dont get caught up on demons like me, sa1 hurts twins.


i think he meant that he is playing as yun against akuma


shouldnt this be in the yun thread in that case?


I was just playing Yun today against a Gouki and noticed how hard it is to chase him down with a far activated Genei Jin. The Gouki just does jump back fireballs and I can’t get close.

Do you guys have any tips about this? I was thinking maybe Yun shouldn’t be activating Genei Jin from far against Gouki, and activate it from a 123 or a low mk.

I’m not a serious Yun player so any tips would be beneficial.


Activate from a better position…


Sounds the other way around imo