Yun vs Hugo

Hi I was just wondering how you overcome a hugo that choses SA2 because I find my yun always relying on jumping with dive kicks etc…and with a hugo I tend to be more grounded because im scared he’ll throw it out. Do you guys have any tips on how to overcome an SA2 hugo?

Also a quick qustion: How often should you use the dive kicks and how should you apply them cause I find myself being abit predictable when using it.


cant you hit hugo out of SA2 unless he throws you against the wall??? if so, jumping hard kick him out of it. also, if u thing hes going to use sa2, use a light dive kick to fake him out…thats all i can think of, hope it helps

Hugo shouldn’t have much bar for anything because he should be getting his ass kicked. If he has super, he is probably going to have to guess with it and run the risk of getting hit out of the super. Try not to be predictable in your jumping, but I would stay away from a total ground game because hugo is looking to throw you and does have some decent pokes.

you don’t need to divekick vs. hugo. infact, you don’t need to jump in at all.
poke him and wait for him to jump, and if he stays back, just charge your meter.
poke with s.feirce and f.feirce mixups…jump in with jab-feirce chain.

and what if he does, you’ll get hit out cleanly with that move