Yun vs Hugo

I know Hugo isn’t that great, but I’m having a tough time getting close and not getting 360’d. Dive kicks also get fucked. Any advice?

run away and build meter, activate get in there, rinse repeat, hope it works it didn’t for me last night might work for me today though. i find that most people fall for strong lunge ->, palm

There’s no need to dive kick Hugo. His hit box is so big you can vary your jump-in’s and be safe. As soon as you jump in, super jump right back out and hit him on your way up. If you are good enough at mixing up your jumps (jumping straight up, jumping in empty, with the chain, stopping short with a dive kick) it makes it damn near impossible for Hugo to catch you. Free win, yay!!

Just remember

-don’t hit a dive kick high(hell don’t even get close to Hugo with a dive kick, use them to stop your jump way short of him), if you do, you’ll get 360’d
-Make sure to mix up your jump in’s with straight up jumps and dive kicking short of Hugo. This keeps you from getting back breaker’d ever time you leave the ground. Once you bait one of these and punish it with a SA3 combo, Hugo will think twice before trying it again

  • Hugo is freakin’ massive, USE THIS AGAINST HIM. When your mixing up your jumpin’s and jumping back out hitting him on the way back up (because he’s going to try to throw you when you land) He will begin to block. When he does this, land and throw him

and most important…You must believe

if you ever get him on the ground make sure you do cross up dive kicks and mix em up i’m not gonna explain em more then that cause i promised i wouldn’t but damn that shit is a bitch i was getting that done to me all night

ps. yellow and black yun is tiiiight i think i might change my colors to that

yeah that yellow yun is tight… I call him King Bee Yun ha haaa… Glad ta see Yun love only character I play and hope ta see all yall yuns at this years evo n shit :clap:

yellow yun is tight.agreed! :clap:

btw, i abuse yun’s air chain vs hugo on/off the ground.
and jump back+fierce or mk on wake up!hahaha

red parry and 720 or 360 and yun is dead (ko(yun) vs(n.n) hugo…XD

You can vary the timing in the second hit of the air chain if you think they’ll parry the second hit

Where is this insane l33tness coming from?

yea yun can be annoying vs hugo… but if yun is running away… i get my taunts in… hugo + taunts = you will be destroyed!!! lol