Yun vs Oro and Chun vs Oro

where do i partion the charge for the uppercut?

After you do the second fireball, charge for a bit and then dash. It’s easier than it sounds.

vs a good yun is tough, you basically just have to outplay him

vs chun li learn the 100% combo and play defensive build meter you can’t win footsies vs a good chun. some chuns also like to mash low jab, tick with lp/lk then press down

Well basically Oro’s low forward beats out chun’s rugular fierce and back fierce so i obuse that until the knowa what i am doing they start doing low strong and forward thats u have to start doing jump tactics aginst her she has no real anti-airs and as for yun just try to stop him before he can setup his gameplay of rush like just as soon as u see him jump chase and roundhouse if they get used to that mix it up with the double jump

Does anyone know the full stun combo for chun?

Playing against Yun:

I think that this matchup is really possible to win against depending on what type of yun player you are playing. If you are playing an aggressive yun, just play the range game and try to get hits off on him. Stunning him is easier when he is more aggressive. Meter will be easy to get when you can get a lot of hits off. If you are playing a yun that just builds meter, dont bother trying to advance and attack him. Instead run to your corner and just build meter yourself. If he activates genji, dont even bother attacking because you really cant do damage to him. The most damage he can do against you is about 15% if you block and get grabbed into a combo. by that time you should have close to about 45% meter or so. After this combo, most yuns will either dive kick to the other side and or try to build meter again. You can either continue to build meter or now straight out advance. If you can get a couple of hits in and land a launcher, you should have tengu by this time. If you get an ex tengu combo it should take about 50% or more. If you want to try to go for the kill, instead of using EX just use regular. This can do the most damage because yun really cant get out of tengu in the corner. He doesnt have any moves to knock you back and really has no wake up moves. the best thing he can do is try to parry or a low short dash punch. Next round just repeat if possible. Dont really activate tengu unless you know you can take at least 50% off him. This gives you time to build up again for the kill or for next round. He will get at least 2 genji’s per round if you block everything.

Playing against Chun:

This is the hardest match in the game. The hardest Chun is a deffensive one. It is really hard to get combos on her and she will for sure have meter if she is a deffensive one. You might as well build meter also. It takes 2 supers from her to kill you or 1 super with random hits and throws. It only takes oro one combo to kill chun. You have to slowing move in and get pokes when you can. you wont be able to do big damage to her. you have to chip at her slowly.

For aggressive Chuns, use low mk a lot. Stay right outside of her FP range and use low mk to counter it. You can also counter her back FP with low mk. Using standing mk to counter her low mk. It is really hard to get the distance because her low mk will actually go under your standing mk. The MK will actually hit her low mk if you hit her with the tip of the MK. It takes awhile to get use to it, just practice getting the distance. If she has no meter, dont be afraid to take chances because the most damage she can do to you is a throw or a back FP fireball. If you have about 70% meter and she has no meter, go crazy and try to parry anything show throws out because it can lead to a heavy combo. Then you can either run away and build meter or keep attacking and try to finish the round.

These are things I try to do when I play against Yun and Chuns. It will not work for everyone because not every oro plays the same. Getting the distancing and the feel to play against these characters takes time. The more experence you have against them the better. So play more.

What combo is that?

Also does it invole the 100% stun combo I heard about, and if so what is it?

Since u are gracing my thread Hungbee, I saw that match of u versus combofiend’s elena at the evo 2k6 prelim’s. Since u are considered the best oro in the states does that mean that elena is just an impossible match up for Oro?

When u cancel out of tengu from the 3rd S.MP do u input the following > qcf,,qcf+ex tengu? or do you, 2x Qcf+ex tengu?

And if u are in a generous mood, to answer some more questions plz do this one hungbee. Urien vs oro? he seems to outrange me on alot of moves as well as out prioritize. Would u say defensive meter building would be my best bet on this one to?

One more I promise this is it. Do I need to only use Tengu on all characters? I mean is the Yagyou dama unblockable just not a that great of an idea?

You can search YouTube for the 100% stun combo or ask JinraiPVC where you can get it.

This is not an impossible match. I was just playing nervous that day. But Elena is a hard matchup for oro. It is just like chun just that she is not has hard.

I do the motions after the S. mp hits. Everyone does it different. I am just more comfortable doing it this way.

For this matchup, I use the towards and MP. the backhand move. Most uriens like to mash on that FP. So I like to stand outside of the range and wait for them to whiff it and then backhand them. Either that or I try to trade it with my RH. I dont mind taking damage if it can trade and do stun to him. The general pokes against urien are the backhand and the RH. I dont use the MK as often because his FP has priority over it. Do a lot of fireballs because it keeps him away and you can use it for distancing.

I usually like to use tengu against shotos because I cant always do the juggle on them perfectly. In general I use tengu against shotos, chun, yun. Everyone else I yagyou because they are easier to get the unblockables on. But some characters depend on preference. Hopefully that answers everything.

Me personally, I use tengu vs almost everyone. I use yagou vs dudley and necro cause of their large hitbox. Also, it’s very important that you can cross them up in the corner. If you can’t cross them up, all you can do is chicken combo into the corner into, l.hpxxxyagou, rh [end of combo]. Usually on dudley or necro, after that reset I do ex-fireball and then since they can’t roll, mk crossup into another chicken combo into another unblockable. Since I fuck that one up a lot, I usually just immediatley dash back, do another yagou and cross up for another unblockable.

I am the best Oro in the states. One time I played Hung cosplaying as Oro, arm tied behind my back and everything and I won, 10000000-0. Ask Hung, I’m sure he’s getting teary eyed from reading this.

He speaks the truth! He was the gold with purple color too! :rofl:

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Japanese players are funny when they play.

yagyou is teh beast on most chars. gotta remember the char specific stuff though.

a few examples if u dont mind?

I think hes refering to the dashes needed for the unblockable. Search the shoryuken archives under Oro and there’s many topics.

Certain char’s like Dudley only require one dash for the unblockable setup, but Ken/Shotos require 2 dashes.

Actually, Ive had a dudley duck under the fierce yagyou, dash once, unblock. Use jab yagyou, dash twice, unblock for a reliable dudley unblockable, its much stricter timing, especially on the second dash, v. jump, f.jump but it never leaves them open to escape, unless they are excellent parriers. Infact that setup works on almost everyone with a little variation.

Ken is a problem.

Out of all the matches I must say Ken is crazy to deal with. I’d rather play Chun over Ken anyday. I guess I need to play way more tougher Kens. It a doable match but you really have to be on top of everything. SA2 makes you have to fight for the launch(unblok)which is hard because of Kens mixups. SA3 is good for me on Ken but getting him in the corner is almost harder.

Lastly MIXUPS, or lack there of mixups. 2 of Oro’s mixup uptions leave him crazy open. The f.hp 2 hit overhead, I guess I was doing it early because I got dragon punched out of it like mad. The to c.grab is nice with nobody has supers stocked but it also leaves Oro open like mad. Does ORO have solid mixup’s to make players actually fear him??

Oro’s poking game is REALLY good against ken (mk beats like 80% of what ken does), whereas its REALLY bad against chun (mk wiffs on crouching chun, at least if she does, so oro can keep ken out fairly well, but not chun. As a matter of fact, oro doesn’t really have anything at all that consistantly stuffs chuns

Oro’s mixups are generally unsafe, like you said, which is why I generally just play it patient and poke until I can punish something with an MK. Otherwise, it’s fireball wars and runaway oro for me.

Right, I guess I was being super predicitable with the mk because it was basically being baited out then SA3’d. Now that I realize my pokes must have been very predictable, I didnt really use at all just,s.rh. Sometimes I’d connect but usually it was parry SA3.

When I have to play JWong or Shinshay using Chun li, I really just want to shoot myself in the foot. I feel almost powerless against them. and using low ward is great untill they counter low forward with low forward and super you GGPO. its really tough. +Chun crouches under most of your normals. I would rather play Ken anytime instead of Chun.

in both cases oro vs ken is bad because u have to face the mix-up of ken’s low forward and chun’s low forward their both bad and hard to fight.