Yun Vs. Oro... Tengu 3 stone in corner... Help



i keep getting locked down in the corner and chipped to death by tengu pressure… any help would be great.

My only ideas were to attempt to jump out or just sit and take the chip… but in some situations this happens in that really is not an option cause i’d die.


parry your way out. As an Oro player I have to watch players who are big names in tournaments. because they will parry out of that shit its like 2-3 parries. if I time it really meaty to avoid reversal super, they can parry out. If I delay with a UOH its better against Yun who doesn’t have that. I think your best bet is look for the gap and lunge punch. then activate if you can. Genei will beat regular tengu.


Yeah…go to parry training and make Oro do some typical regular tengu (non EX) strings and learn to parry down. It’s not that difficult. Like MOD says…2 or 3 random parries will get you out of it. Just find a poke that comes out quick and stick it out or do something that will knock down. Go for a throw if they’re close enough since that’s about the quickest thing most characters have.

If they do EX Tengu (5 stones) then best thing to do is block. Parrying will only get you in more trouble and just like Genei Jin…you’ll get juggled to your death if you jump.