Yun vs sagat vs fei long vs honda vs ken

I need to know who to main and who to sub…these are the characters i play with usually

Huh? Why are you asking us? Just play whatever character you enjoy. If it’s to cover Yun’s bad matches(which aren’t even that bad) use Sagat, I guess.

I am personally maining Yun and subbing Cody for no real reason other than I enjoy using him.

I am going to my first.touney and needed advice

This. No one can tell you who to play. It’s completely up to you and how you feel with different matchups. My advice would be to just go into the lab with one character rather than spend time practicing multiple ones for the off chance that you’ll actually use them.

get a dice and assign a character to each number. then roll it and play whichever one it lands on

Always play with the character you are most comfortable with period. Picking another character doesn’t assure victory and oftentimes you’ll cut your own legs out from under you by switching to a character that you only partially know.

If you don’t know the matchup and the opponent does, spamming a single move won’t do anything.

Thank you for that advise…that was a quote from a winner.