Yun/Yang in SSF4, thoughts?



To be honest for me, I’m still waiting for that “perfect” character that suits me best in SSF4, because in all honestly it’s not a bad game, I rather like it. It’s just nothing seems to fit right, nothing feels good when I combo people, when I throw them, theres… no sense of gratification of out smarting players in that game…

Heres for hoping Yun doesn’t suck. (Probably is going to be CvS2 Yun) :tdown:


cvs2 yun was actually kinda cool…stun yun


I heard their alt costumes are yun with dreads and yang with a faux hawk or afro. Can anyone confirm!?!?

also i hope they make black yun and black yang in sf4 like black hugo. wu-tang clan aint nothin to fuck with.


I have a feeling Yang will play like Fei Long without the stong anti-air. I dont see the twins having instatnt dive kicks like Rufus so their dive kick properties should be interesting in the sf4 engine

im interested to see what Yun will play like the most between the two


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Yangs Speed Dash might come extra useful this time around. He’ll be able to easily close in on some characters that are otherwise difficult. Im concerned tho since UOH isnt in ssfiv, how will yang be able to do his UOH - - Ex slashes? Thats important to him.


please teach yuuki how to troll, you are great.




They’ll be shit. On purpose. Because they’re from 3s and we all know how Capcom/Ono feels about 3s.

But whatever, posting in troll thread:

If Yang keeps high stun on EX chops and can cancel from into it, if zenpotenchin(sp?) has decent range, and if (somehow) (is that it?) launches still and he has rolling super/ultra, he’ll be top tier. If his command dash is like ibukis with more range, even better, except he can probably be thrown out of it easily since this game is sloooooooow.

Yun will be garbage.

Their dive kicks will not be Rufus status, they’ll be slow, telegraphed as all fuck, have tiny ass hit boxes, and get dp’ed all the time.

I smell makoto repeat coming on.


Fireballs > 3S characters.


unblockable denjizz ryu and ill start playing ssf4!


Anyone else think there’s already too many characters in SSF4? Not that I’m against bringing in 3s characters (even though they don’t really convert well to SSF4), but it’s starting to feel more like mugen.

To be honest, I’d be over the fucking moon if they just brought back UOH’s, nevermind more characters. Atleast then the game might be abit more offensive minded.


Don’t expect too much, like the game itself.