most of the yun posts that u people have posted are not useful:lame: CAN SOME VERY NICE PERSON give me some tips on yun and suggest which groove suits him best, i need combos and key tips good enough to murder people in arcades :mad:



s.LP-> s.LK-> s. MP->(QCF+P OR QCFX2+P) [Add on a c.LK before the s.LP if you are VERY close and you have to do the combo fast or else you will be pushed too far back]

c.LK-> c.LK-> QCF+P

s.MP-> s. HP-> (B+s.HP OR QCBX2+HP)

After a QCBX2+HP, wait a moment (you will have to learn the timing on this) then do DP+LP, then QCB+P.

Have fun.

Also he’s not too good in A-Groove as his supers are not well suited for it. Probably your best best are C,N,K but I’m no expert on Yun.

With Yun, you will want to get in close however you can and poke them to try to land one of the above combos. Also, mix in a walk up–> throw, or command throw (HCB+K) after a blocked poke string. QCB+PPP is good for confusing them and follow it up with a quick normal to try to catch their counterattack, then do a combo.

I’m no pro as I said but lots of people like K-Groove to make him do big damage and for Just Defend…it is a good rushdown groove and since Yun is a rushdown character it may well fit.

Man I posted lots of shit about yun in the other thread, what kind of things do you want to know about him?

EDIT: And if you expect to murder people in arcades with Yun :lol:

HAHA yeah, this is pretty true- all the advice in the world won’t make you a contender with Yun. He struggles against all top-tier and many mid-tier characters…if your opponent chooses King or Kyosuke you should be fine though:lol:

Yun definately does not have very many advantages. You have to be able to completely own the person to use him. (i mean you have to be able to outthink them). i’ve knocked people down like 4 times and ducking fierce by sagat and we’re even (lol, a lil bit exagerated… but not by much :D)

Seriously, playing Yun is one of the only ways that I could actually inflict some damage on the opponent. I know that I played almost every other character against my brother and I just got owned (probably because I practice too much piano). My brother doesn’t even need to go into training mode to beat me.

A groove Yun is useful. Just don’t end with his supers. End with shoulder ram, standing forward, super jump fierce or roundhouse (jab, towards+fierce if you’re feeling flashy).

Here are some super combos combos:)

Jab, short, strong XX level 1 Sourai Rengeki

Jump-in anything, standing strong XX level 2 Raishin Mahhakken or level 1 Sourai Rengeki

Jump-in anything, jab, short, strong XX level 3 Raishin Mahhakken or level 2 or 3 Sourai Rengeki

Jump-in anything, crouching forward XX You-Hou, jab shoulder ram, standing forward, super jump fierce or roundhouse

Strong or fierce Shoulder Ram, standing forward, super jump cancel XX Hiten Souryuu-Jin

I do these combos all the time on my Dreamcast controller (not an arcade stick). Even at level 3, Yun inflicts weak damage compared to other characters. But it’s Yun’s ability to land hits frequently on an opponent that makes up for it (almost).

EDIT: Don’t forget to cancel level 2 supers into shoulder ram then follow up for more damage.


*Originally posted by Gan2003 *

After a QCBX2+HP, wait a moment (you will have to learn the timing on this) then do DP+LP, then QCB+P.


Instead of doing QCB+P, do what Wipeout mentioned and do standing forward, super jump cancel, jab, towards+fierce. Gives more damage.

Scarez, how much did you read of the other thread? Gwai lo had some good stuff posted, and some good grooves for Yun are listed.

Yun’s combos has many variations, and I’d like to know which normal combo(Non-super combo) to be done that deals the most damage, say for a situation where your opponent is dizzy or leaves a big opening…


Also, can anyone find out which combo deals more damage?

1)DP.P, S.MK, jump->QCB x K(2)
(izzit possible to link a punch before QCB x K(2)? Thought I saw someone done it before)

2)S.HP (Close), You-hou, DP.P, S.MK, J.WP, J.HP

well I think that a good simple combo is mp>hp>hp(holding back)
but you’re better off going into a super move combo when they are dizzy. There are only really two to go with so you should try to get them down before you start using him properly.

I would advise C-groove unless it really conflicts with another character on your team cause it allows you to bide your time till you let lose a special move. This is particularly useful if you are against a heavy anti air player when you have a level 3 bar cause they will either be too scared to anti air you for fear of the level 3 air super combo or they will make a mistake which you can punish.

If you want to use Yun truly effectivly you have tyo be able to use his level three super combos or you lose a huge source of strength, I usually have Yun as my main character and it is surprising how often you can get your opponent to make a small mistake allowing you to do a massive combo. I find that with Yun it is best not to take chance on fiddly combos go for the strong reasonably simple combos but mix them up enough so that your opponent doesn’t quite know what to expect. There are two really useful super combo, combo’s but I can’t remember his special moves names so I will put them up later. You will probably find them rather irratating at first as they are a bit fiddly but the damage is worth it. Both of them involve a level 3 super combo so you need to be in the righ groove to do them. There are some C-groove specific combos but even though they are strong they require too much think time so you would have difficulty using them to their full pottential in an intence match. Anyway I’ll post his two very useful super combos later after I chech out the move names.

yuns mp, fp, b.fp is his worst combo imo. that shit almost never hits. It could be used as a meaty wake up against most characters though… other than that if you’re too far the last hit wont connect and you’ll eat some damage…

Well to be honest I only really use it to mix things up. Just a quick side note, if I am doing s.LP-> s.LK-> s. MP-> and my opponent blocks I find that QCB+P is useful cause it pushes you back and more often than not your opponent either trys to hit you giving you a small chance to counter attack (with QCF for example) or they leave you alone for a second giving you a chance to regroup and go in for a fresh attack. This does work I use it quite a lot.

I just read what I just put but I’ve realised that I didn’t really explain it very well. You get pushed back anyway if you do the combo but if you find that after your attack your opponent imediatly attacks you than you should be able to stop it reasonably risklessly(new word) another good feature is that if you are against fireball happy fighter that keep coming at you as soon as you finish attacking QCB+p will elliminate the threat. Also you can do a fake by pressing ppp instead of just the singular p.
This can have its uses when you are pushing yourself back as if you do QCB+p quite a bit then you can be confusing with this.
This method does work however you need to watch out against some of the better players, this is still a semi useful technique if you can hit fast enough. A good thing about Yun is that he can go through fireballs so you need to learn his combos after his shoulder ram. You dont need to do a huge combo to get some good damage but a couple of extra hits is always good.

A great thing to do is to shoulder ram followed by s.MK going into a jump, then after this go into Hiten Souryuu-Jin. I haven’t found any other way to combo into Hiten Souryuu-Jin but then again once I found this I was satisfied anyway.

I think to use Yun well you need to have a good reaction time to change which special move you are going to use at the end of a combo cause if your QCF+p keeps getting blocked and countered you are going to get creamed.

like iv said in previous yun threads:
j.lp,j.hp does no more damge and no more stun then just j.hp
further, doing a shoulder tackle is just a good way to get thrown.
that is all.

yes but a shoulder tackle can create one of Yun’s strongest combos with relative ease.

Thanks for the explaination guys, tried on my friend’s PS2 and it seems like S.LP,S.LK,S.MP,QCF+P should be the idea combo to land on your opponent. It seems to do +100 damage than S.MP,S.HP,B+HP. Hope someone can help me verify the 2 super combos damage posted previously…

BTW, what moves do you do after the HCB.K grab?

I find Yun too spaced out to do his B&B combos, and its like only LP or MP will connect after the grab…though I read in the faq that any ground super should be able to connect?

Yep, any ground based super will connect. If you get the command throw on them you should do the You-Hou super, and go into the juggle combo off of it.

I find that if you dont mind losing a bit of your pressure power that you gain with the capcom grooves you can make things a bit easier on yourself by having a running groove, N-groove can be quite useful cause you can still roll in it. I do use rolling to get a bit closer with Yun but its not always a safe idea. If you do keep running into your opponent then pulling out a combo just before they can attack you it does tend to make them make mistakes. To be honest his command throw is quite limited and if you use it I would advise just doing straight forwards attacks that have a high chance of hitting such as QCF+p granted its not a huge amount of damage but its better than missing with a combo and then getting severly punished. With Yun you really have to know your combos inside out so you dont have to think too much before you use one. Oh and by the way Mp>Hp>Hp(holding back) is useful when you are against a turtle player cause there is very little evil lag if it is blocked.

Actually, after the command throw you can walk forward for a tiny second and do s.LP s.LK. s.MP-> QCF+P, or s.MP s.HP b+HP. It sounds really hard but its not hard to get after a little practice.